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~One Direction, Irresistible {yeah I'm gonna be using 1D lyrics for a lot of sets... #sorrynotsorry}

I like how this set turned out :) Winter white! I love white any time of the year :)

Look guys I sneakily added an Olivia picture into this set :)) haha she's so pretty I love that picture actually all these pictures omg that husky puppy is so adorbs the gif is even more adorbs #puppiesaremyweakness


SOOOO I'm gonna do a really mini review of each song on Take Me Home like I did for T. Swift's Red, and kinda like @istylista, my home skillet <3

1. Live While We're Young: An awesome first single of the album and an amazing music video, but not my favorite. Just a fun jam song. OMG anyone notice how in the Target commercials they take out "let's get some"? haha xD
2. Kiss You: AMAZINGGG! Fun beat and rhythm and just awesome. And Liam's high notes.... #DEAD.
3. Little Things: #deaddddddd this song is so perfect I can't even like Ed is a genius and they sing it so well I love this so sweet omg. HARRY'S SOLO OMG OMG. AND NIALL'S SOLO OMG OMG.
4. C'mon, C'mon: ONE OF MY FAVORITESSSSS it's just so good can I just love this song forever kk thanks.
5. Last First Kiss: LOVE LOVE LOVE. Amazing cute song.
7. Rock Me: Yeah, this song is jammin'. Solid pop rock song for sure.
8. Change My Mind: Not my favorite but it's so sweet of course and all their voices sound amazing! I like the high notes <3
9. I Would: POSSIBLY MY FAVORITE TRACK OMG LOVEEEEEEEEE THIS SONGGGGGG SO MUCHHHHH it's like perfect and the chorus is awesome and the lyrics are cute and funny (omg Louis' solo with the 27 tattoos hahaha) LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEE.
10. Over Again: Oh Ed, what have you done to us. Again. Amazing lovely song and them all trying to sound like Ed omg #darling. Reminds me of Moments too @istylista.
11. Back for You: awww this song is the sweetest like I totally think this song is for Eleanor and Danielle (</3) omg LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH.
12. They Don't Know About Us: OH UM YES THIS SONG IS LOVELY. I like the concept of this song like there's always those songs about "oh they think we're too young" and it seems cliche but I think 1D did it right, of course :)
13. Summer Love: WHEN I FIRST HEARD THIS SONG I LIKE OMG I DON'T EVEN KNOW ONE OF VERY FAVORITES OMG OMG OMGGGGG the harmonizing in the chorus is PERFECTION and it's so different reminds me of Same Mistakes like, it's not your typical boy band song and it's just so amazing I want to marry this song kk wedding is next spring hope you all can come.

.... on the yearbook edition: 
14. She's Not Afraid: Agree with @istylista this seems like a filler song, but I still like it, it's fun and energetic and I bet it would sound awesome in concert.
15. Loved You First: #dying again because this song gets me everytime it's so AWESOMEEEEEEE I can't even describe omg love the lyrics and everything gah.
16. Nobody Compares: ANOTHER FAVORITE OMGGGGG HELP ME I LOVE THIS SONG LIKE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOWWWW again the lyrics like and Harry and all of them and guys why am I such a fangirl why did this happen to me omg.
17. Still the One: Solid last songggggg it's pretty awesome guys.

... and on the target deluxe edition:
14. Truly, Madly, Deeply: THE LYRICSSSSS omg love this song so sweet and when they say "in love" like again after Little Things omg #dead10000timesover
15. Magic: FUN SONGGGG a little cliche of course but awesomeeeeee and cute <3
16. Irresistible: UM LOVE OBVIOUSLY LIKE GAH 1D WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME I love the chorus but also the verses like I don't even know how to describe my love for this song because it's just so... perfect. 

OKAY I know I pretty much said the same thing for every song and that's because I have no words because this album is entirely too much for me to handle it's just too much perfection in one album and you need to listen to it stat like seriously for reals it's AMAZINGGGGG. #legit

Can't believe I made 2 sets 2 days in a row! I'm on the ball. AND my lovely MTW readers, new chapter soon promise, hang in there, love you guys! :))
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