^^Fear and Loathing || Marina and the Diamonds

Name: Rose Amelia Clarkson
Age: 21
Quote/lyric: "Don't wanna live in fear and loathing, I wanna feel like I am floating, instead of constantly exploding. In fear and loathing." -- Fear and Loathing, Marina & the Diamonds
College major: Music
Likes: Roses, the color pink, beautiful, dainty little things, music and anything related to it, classical music, orchestras (especially the London Symphony), baking, avoiding attention, composing music, and reading romance novels.
Dislikes: Most music on the radio today, getting attention, large crowds, the typical sorority girls, public speaking, dark colors, and practical jokes.
Goal: To actually get noticed at school. And maybe even find true love?...or not.
Voice claim: Sierra Boggess (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSRNjnpM7y4)
Bio: You know that one girl who sits in class, with the beautiful golden blonde hair and a laugh like an angel which attracts all of the boys, begging to be noticed by such an exquisite beauty with the hopes that they, too, would become just as popular and loved as her? Well, Rose isn't that girl. She's the one sitting in the back of the class, quickly writing down notes in an attempt to get out of the room as quick as possible. She hates large crowds and attention and most definitely hates that popular girl who everybody else always seems to love. But at the same time, little darling sweet innocent Rose wants to be noticed and wants the fame and the popularity. She wants to be that girl. But the closest she'll ever get to being the star of Princeton University is through her older brother, James: starting quarterback for the Princeton Tigers football team and popular guy extraordinaire. He's the one everyone pays attention to, not Rose. And so she is forced to live in her brother's shadow, hoping that one day...some day she'll get what she's always wished for. In the meantime, she'll resort to continuing composing and writing her music, as she hopes to graduate with a degree in music and eventually become the next great composer of famed movie soundtracks, following the likes of John Williams, Hans Zimmer, and Harry Gregson-Williams. But besides the fact that she's an exceptional composer, people also don't know that Rose has the voice of an operatic angel, who can hit the highest of high notes in her delicate soprano voice. It is only then that she breaks out of her shell. But of course, Rose is far too shy to let anyone know that...at least right now.
Model: Lily Donaldson
Taken by: @jolieenrose
1 - Three songs that will serve as a mashup.

1. Sierra Boggess – Love Never Dies
2. Sierra Boggess -- Part of Your World
3. Sierra Boggess -- Past the Point of No Return
2 – Playlist – 10 songs that describe your character.

1. Think of Me -- The Phantom of the Opera 
2. Feel So Close -- Calvin Harris
3. Kiss Me -- Ed Sheeran
4. Never Let Me Go -- Florence + the Machine
5. Falling Slowly -- Vitamin String Quartet
6. True Love's Kiss -- Enchanted
7. Twice -- Little Dragon
8. I Feel Pretty -- West Side Story
9. I'm Not That Girl -- Wicked
10. Look With Your Heart -- Love Never Dies

*and here's a collection, to cover things that i didn't get to in her bio:

questionnaire; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2167963
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