a drop in the ocean| ron pope

woo, first story and i’m excited for this! i’ll be pming people for collabs and such for the next events since i barely added anyone in this story. 

Ella Delaney 
CDAN – July 21, 2012

When I woke up this morning the sun was shining as usual and everything in the house was a serene calm. Between shooting for ‘The Bay’ and various appearances I had to make, according to my manager, I was being strung way too tight these days. 

It was rare that I got a whole morning to myself. 

I took my time getting ready, deciding on a whim, as I passed the hall closet wrapped in a towel, that my long forgotten surf board would get some use today.

Running my hands along the smooth board I could remember the exact moment Teddy gifted it to me and how he spent the following months patiently teaching me how to hold my own out on the waves.

It was a bittersweet memory now.

Shaking off my sudden melancholy feelings, I slipped on a cover up over my bathing suit, slathered on a layer of sunscreen and grabbed a granola bar and my phone before leaving out the back.

I might’ve been the only person to not truly love where I lived, at least not the house. It was too big for only two people, now one since Teddy unofficial moved out, and the interior was cold and bare.

It was the definition of a house, not a home.

The only aspect of the house that I loved was the deck leading out towards the beach. The waves as I walked out were rolling steadily, not too high but high enough to catch a good enough ride.

I was a bit unsteady but after the fifth wave it was like my body woke up and remembered exactly what I needed to do – it was effortless.

My mind started to wander to the auditions I had next week and the upcoming trip I had planned to see Laura; genuine happiness and excitement filled me. Time slipped by and it was only when I heard the screams of nearby kids splashing in the water did I realize the once empty beach was now filled with families and the like enjoying the intense heat. 

Waving to a few people who noticed me, I grabbed my blackberry and scrolled through to see that I had ten missed calls from my manager and a few from my lawyer. 

I sighed heavily as I munched on the granola bar, walking back towards the house. If they were calling, these days, it seemed like it was never good news.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the kitchen was Karina looking slightly uncomfortable when she met my gaze.

Grabbing a bottle of water I sat at the kitchen island. “Are you okay Karina, is something wrong?”

“Um, Mr. Delaney and his lawyers are here to see you ma’am.”

My face probably registered as calm but my mind was whirling with different scenarios as to why they were here.

“Where are they, in the living room?” She nodded, carrying a tray of coffees out to the room in question.

I had a brief thought of trying to sneak upstairs and change into some actual clothes but I decided the faster I got in there the faster the whole ordeal would be over. Thankfully when I walked into the room, unsure but outwardly appearing calm, I saw my manager Nia Sanders and my lawyer Greg Walcott sitting at the table as well.

“Well there she is, we were wondering when you were going to grace us with that beautiful face.” Rolling my eyes I leaned over and kissed Greg on the cheek, he was an old trusted family friend.

“The waves were calling my name so I had to take advantage of my first morning off in months. I hope you haven’t been waiting long.”

There were murmurs around the table and Teddy clearly saying ‘not at all’ but I couldn’t bring myself to look at him just yet.

“We were trying to reach you so you’d have a heads up about what Theodore’s people were about to hit you with.” Nia was never one to mince words, especially now with the rumors of our shattered marriage swirling.

“Now wait just on damn minute, we aren’t suggesting anything ludicrous.”

“No not at all, just that she pretends to still be married to a disgusting pig!”

“I’d kindly ask you to refrain from addressing my client as such Mr. Walcott.”

My eyes switched back and forth to each side as I tried to keep up with the insults being thrown from both our lawyers and managers.

Finally Teddy yelled for everyone’s attention. “I think this is a conversation I should have with Ella alone, so everyone please leave.”

I watched as they all filed out quietly, while in my head I was begging anyone of them to stay.

I wasn’t ready to face him alone, not when everything was still fresh.

I could see his feet walking over towards me, I felt his thigh brush mine when he sat next to me, and I could hear his deep sigh when through all of that I refused to look up.

“Beautiful are you every going to look at me again?” biting my lip to keep my tears at bay, I slowly glanced up at him.

He still looked like the same ruggedly handsome man I fell in love with four years ago, but there were more lines on his face and a regretful, almost pitying look in his eyes.

“What do you want Theodore?”

He sighed. “Since when do you call me Theodore?”

“Since you slept with another man in our bed; I don’t really feel like the cute nicknames anymore if you can imagine.”

There was an awkward silence where we just stared at each other, both us of either too afraid to speak or most likely not knowing what to even say.

“My manager thinks that if I have any chance at nipping these gay rumors in the bud, I need,” He took a breath and grabbed my hand. “I mean we would need to stay together, be seen together and stuff.”

“You want to fake being together?” I asked, confused but sadly understanding that appearances would be everything.

I watched his face go from nervous to petrified. “What do you mean fake, Ella we’re still together. You still love me, what are you even saying?”

Pulling my hand out of his I walked to the other side of the table and sat across from him. I needed distance to clear my mind and gather my thoughts. 

“Theodore you cheated on my, with a man not even a month ago. I haven’t even had a chance to stop and think with work and everyone giving me their two cents,” Taking a deep breath I dropped my head in my hands. “I don’t know how I feel about us right now about so to me, yes it’d be fake.”

I saw the hurt in his face and I hated myself a little for feeling sorry for him.

“You can move back and we’ll do the whole couple thing, going out and being seen, but in this house you’ll stay in the guest room. I just need some space right now.”

“Fine, but Ella just know that I still lo-” I knew what was coming next and that if I let him continue I’d be a mess of tears so I cut him off, speaking over him. 

“We have the premiere tonight so I’m going to get ready. I’ll meet you back down here at 4:45.”

Without an answer I headed upstairs and took my time to get ready. I painstakingly curled all my hair, slipped on my dress, and applied my makeup. I looked gorgeous and when I walked down stairs and took a look at Teddy in his suit I knew we’d look like a beautiful couple.


My mind screamed no but I forced myself to nod and tried not to flinch when he grabbed my hand in his.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

(remember only jess, catherine, lucy, and millie know that teddy cheated and that the rumors aren’t just rumors)
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