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"I don't want to be one of those guys who's known for his love life and not his work" - Adam
I love Adam Brody, he's such a cutie :) loved him in the OC, was little sad when him and Rachel Bilson split up a while back but no hollywood couples are perfect. 
I got tagged 4 times by:
I used the mixed emotions quote
I used the Vogue quote and necklace
I used the text
ஐℓeɳa rosa cuℓℓeɳஐ
I used the yellow butterflies

Now I tag:
1. lalixie 
2. Kittynelle 
3. Kamm:)
4. sylvia lucky 
5. Shaista.XxPattinson/Lautner/JT.X 
Rule: Pick an item from my set, create a set with it and tag 5 people, have fun! ;)
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