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demons// imagine dragons

probably going to see breaking dawn on friday with valerie then going to the football game &hearts

and getting my iphone tommorow! so pumped. I'm getting my case at nordstrom, i m probably getting kate spade one :)

My dad is seriously trying to get me to go to this college prep school down the road from my house next year... school doesnt start till like 9 and they have a cheer team and you have an oppurtunity to go to france for a semester.
i've got to admit, i'm considering it. My best friend is moving across the country, and everyone is talking about a fresh start, and i was totally against it at first but i've realized that I kind of desperatly need it. i basically have valerie, becca, and peyton as my closest friends and thats not enough. i'd like to have a boy in my life and i want to not be a failure, because that's how i've been feeling lately. 
I'm seriously considering it. i don't know.
a few of my friends go there... my old friend Riley and my mom's best friends daughter goes there.

I honestly don't know. i have the rest of the year to decide.
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