There is rarely an evening where the socialites don't have an in demand event to attend to. However, tonight is one of those rare evenings. The girls are given a free night to connect with their beau's or best friends. It is strongly suggested to snag reservations at one of the hot spots or make slumber plans. You still want to be noticed darlings so don't go lazing around at home!
Sorry this took so long, the story was really hard for me to write for some reason
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It was 10 in the morning and I was already onto my third cup of coffee, having worked throughout the night on an idea for a painting that had come to me at around midnight. Dressed in tattered jeans and an old Oxford hoodie, I stepped back as I looked at the half finished painting, satisfied with the way it was looking so far. 
I was in the middle of debating whether I should continue or make an attempt to shower when I heard the faint sound of my phone ringing in the other room. Dropping the paintbrush that was still in my hand, I quickly made my way out of the room I had allotted for my art stuff in the apartment, trying with all my might to not get my foot stuck in a paint can.
“Hello,” I answered, not recognising the number as I hastily wiped the paint that was left on my fingers off on my jeans, phone cradled between my ear and shoulder. 
“Am I calling at a bad time?” 
“Jonathan, no, of course not,” I said quickly as I realised who it was, my hands automatically making their way to my hair to try to pat it down a little before remembering that we were simply talking on the phone.
“What are you doing today?”

“I have a feeling my plans are about to change,” I said as he chuckled, waiting for him to tell me what he had in mind.
“I want to take you out to lunch,” he said simply, enjoying his straightforwardness.
“Don’t you have a class to attend?” I joked as I bought some time, figuring out if I should go or stay and finish the painting. I usually didn’t like focussing on other things when working on a piece.
“I can afford to miss one,” he answered as I could basically hear the smile in his voice.
“Someone’s cocky,” I said as I started walking out of the kitchen and into my bathroom, assessing the damage that night of painting had done. Maybe I could afford to go away for few hours. The painting wasn’t gonna go anywhere.
“Its all an act, I’ll be a wreak until you say yes,” he joked as I couldn’t help but smile. “And there’s no way I’m going another day without being able to put a face to your name.”
“Right, because apparently a thing like that should be left for the second date,” I quipped, reminded of his determination at ‘keeping the mystery’ during the masked ball. “Well in that case I have no choice but to go,” I said dramatically while looking at at a spot of dried paint on my hair. A shampoo was in order. “Meet you in an hour?”
“Perfect, I’ll text you an address,” he said before hanging up, leaving me to deal with my rat’s nest that was my hair and the dark circles under my eyes.
Half an hour later and I looked somewhat respectable dressed in a comfy Derek Lam sweater and a Proenza tweed mini, ready to face the cool NYC day. Having called a town car, I looked at the address Jonathan had sent me, not recognising it as I gave it to the driver before asking him to make a quick stop at a nearby Starbucks. I wouldn’t be able to make it through the day without another one, coffee breath be damned. I had to admit that I was slightly nervous, despite having gotten along perfectly at the Masquerade Ball. 
I barely recognised the neighbourhood as I looked around the street trying to find Jonathan, not sure of how that would be achievable having only caught a glimpse of his face through the mask last time. That is until I noticed the man leaning against a nearby wall with his purposefully messy locks, 5‘o’clock shadow and baby blue eyes. It was the grin that tipped me off. 
“You look so...Upper East Side,” he said with a smile as he eyed my outfit before giving me a hug.
“Well that’s kind of what I am,” I said with a grimace, looking around at the mass of people in jeans, realising I was in the midst of college town. “Plus I’m meeting up with the girls after this.”
“So I’m on a schedule then, better get this date started,” he said as he grabbed my hand, dragging me a few steps further down the road.
“A pub? You’re taking me to a pub?” I asked incredulously, staring at the sign on top of the solid wood door before turning towards him.
“Well first off, this isn’t England love, we call them bars,” he joked as I swatted his arm at the remark before continuing, “I figured since last time was so....formal, we could do something more laid back this time around,” he explained, staring at me as he tried to figure out what my reaction was to this before I had a chance to say anything.
“I love that idea,” I finally said, smiling at the simplicity of it. “Now let’s go in already before I freeze my ass off,” I said, pulling onto the sleeves of my sweater to try to cover my hands as I made my way inside. 
"How have you been?" Vanessa asked as we started our walk through Central Park a few hours later, stopping as she plucked a flower from a nearby bush and entwined it into her hair. 
"I've been better,” I said honestly as I thought back to the blog post and countless looks and questions that had followed since, “How do you handle the blog posts?"
"Well ignoring them is one thing... but I'm having a hard time with it as well”
"At least you weren't accused of having a kid," I muttered, still not knowing who had come up with that one.
"Well, I don't know if one of my best friend's is cheating on me with my fiancé,” she said with a sigh "And one of my other friends has found a new friend to hang with."
"Mia?" I asked to be answered by a nod from her as she toyed with another flower.
"I wish I could help,” I add as I look at her, the despair clear in her eyes. She shrugged it off. 
"Thanks. I guess for now let's just work on our friendship."
"I'd like that,” I said as I smiled, ignoring the part of me that was trying to bring up the words of the blog post again.
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