Who I Am Hates Who I've Been - Relient K 

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Poppy Mauro (18)
Likes: maxi skirts, black tea, old cars, candles, winter, boots, studs, cut flowers, rock n' roll, paperbacks, coffee mugs, collages, pillows
Dislikes: tomatoes, strangers, self-help books, hot dogs, spicy food, water parks
History: Growing up in a town like Rothrock was never easy for a girl named Poppy -- not until she realized that just because her name implied a bright personality doesn't mean she had to have one. For years she forced herself to be an outgoing, bubbly teenage girl who did everything just like everyone else but then one day, she realized that wasn't necessary. So she cut off her long hair, packed away her top 40 CDs, and stopped trying to make everyone else happy. She's reading classic books, playing old cassette tapes, and trying her hardest to forget about the millions of people around her with expectations she doesn't want to try to reach.
Favorite Book: East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Favorite Song: Motorcycle Drive By - Third Eye Blind


Auggie Warne (19)
Likes: grunge rock, soft t-shirts, table sports, potato chips, bonfires, rain, driving, vinyl records, open windows, sunroofs, horror movies, board games
Dislikes: olives, dark chocolate, boy bands, expectations, rules, warm weather, cold feet
History: Auggie is a classically dorky boy. Staggering over six feet tall, he’s often found walking around with his hands shoved deep in his pockets, ducking his head so that his dirty blond hair will fall into his eyes. He plays the music is his ’77 Maverick too loudly and stays up into the early hours of the morning watching Comedy Central shows in the dark. Most often, you’ll find him at his brother’s business: the music venue that attracts the really weird bands, Weekend Rawhide, hiding out behind the merch tables watching bands like a VIP. Auggie doesn’t live with his parents anymore, due to the abusive nature of his father. Austin, the older brother, easily took in the seventeen year old and got him through high school before hiring him on to work at his downtown hot spot. 
Favorite Book: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green 
Favorite Song: Misfits and Lovers by The Wallflowers
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