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I've had quite alot of set inspiration lately! I have all these sets in my drafts that I am very proud of, and are waiting to be published! :)


Okay, so before you keep on reading I have to warn you: THIS IS GOING TO BE A RANT. So if you don't like rants stop reading like, right now. 

So lately I am getting very, VERY annoyed and fustrated with people who see a skinny person and just jump to the conclusion that they are anorexic. No. Just because somebody is skinny does not mean they are anorexic. Lots of people are just naturally thin, or eat and eat and just don't put on weight. It's how they are and shouldn't be judged on something they can't help. Plus, so what if someone is skinny? If they're happy with their body that's all that really matters. So many people go on about it being rude to judge someone who is overweight, and sure, it is very rude. But it is also rude to judge somebody who is underweight. 
If you don't know a person, don't judge them. It's that simple. If somebody is happy with their body, regardless of what you think, let them be happy and kindly keep your thoughts to your self.

Sorry about that lovelies, I just really had to get that out. xoxo
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Wrote three years ago
@leashiekate It annoys me too &yes it is very hard to gain weight. Thank you so much!! xox I will &thank you for your support! (:

Wrote three years ago
@kelskaiye143 You're welcome! It actually annoys me that much.
My older sister is very skinny and she eats like heaps of fatty and sugary foods without putting on any weight at all. She's trying to gain weight, but it's so hard for her.
That's horrible that people would say such things like that about you! I'm so sorry. Try to stay stong lovely.
Thank you very much, you're welcome. xxx

Wrote three years ago
@forever-love-and-random13 Thank you!!
Yes, my mum has done it a few times too.
I'm happy you agree, thank you hun! xoxo

Wrote three years ago
ohmygosh THANK YOU! I'm naturally thin & tall. &I don't gain a significiant amount of weight if I eat a burger, milkshake and fries as opposed to salad, fruit and yogurt. &I get teased all the time at school about it; about being anorexic, naturally thin, tall &anything from "don't you ever eat ANYTHING?!?!" to "Wow I bet she is anorexic and cuts herself too" which is incredibly rude, hurtful &a false statement! &It also doesn't help that I have poor circulation in my hands so that they're cold and turn red sometimes :/ It's hard, but I'm very very very glad that there are people like you that are kind, supporting &understanding!(: &The title of this set is lovely &completely true!
Thank you &best wishes! xox


Light & Airy (Contests)

Light & Airy (Contests)

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✩✿▲positive hedgehog▲✿✩

✩✿▲positive hedgehog▲✿✩

sometimes you need a cute lil strawberry hedgehog to show you the way so here we are.


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It's Hip To Be Square

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