“Nine shall rise against the fire Titan,
To seek the balance restored.
You shall not receive help from the gods,
For with your powers shall transcend.
A fight for freedom in the city will extend,
Until the chosen one liberates his party in the end.”

Until the chosen one. The chosen one. The chosen one. With each bite I chewed, the last line of the prophecy Sofia had made played over and over again in my head. His? There were already nine of us, and none of us were guys. But it could mean anyone... It could mean a god, it could mean a titan, it could mean a demi-god, hell, for all we knew it could be a satyr. And what was with the prophecy, anyway? We hadn’t had one in forever. Could it be a false prophecy that Prometheus had planted? Were they on to us? And obviously, the prophecy meant we had to leave camp. But without help from the gods, I had no idea how any of us would even be moderately safe ever again. 

I sat silently as the twins played with their food and each other. Currently, they were my only half-siblings living in the cabin with me. They were young – only eleven. Peter and Rick, which was short for Patrick. They didn’t bother me much – being seven years older than them and a girl probably had something to do with it. “Whatchu so quiet about, Delia?” Rick questioned, snapping me out of my thoughts. 

“Missing the beach,” I lied, smoothing back my hair. “It’s the perfect day for swimming.” 

They both nodded like they knew what I was talking about, but I knew they didn’t. They’d grown up in the middle of Manhattan, and their mother hadn’t even let them near a swimming pool. For whatever reason, her encounter with Poseidon had left her terrified of water. 

I glanced around the dining hall, wondering if anyone else was freaking out like I was. It was hard to tell – the only one of us who was really a bubbly type was Daisy, but as far as I could tell, no one looked visibly freaked out. Not even Sofia, really, and she was the one who had just made the prophecy – her first in months. But maybe it was just that we were getting better at hiding things. We had been doing it for quite a while. When I looked at Cassi, though, I could tell she was thinking hard about what we had to do. She’d become our makeshift leader, and in that role had taken on a lot of the planning aspects. The only thing I wanted to ask her, though, was how the hell were we going to get our hands on a car?

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