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Avalon 'Ava' Starla Banning,
An Urban Affair
Monday 7th of November, 2011: Today is your typical New Yorker's Monday; time to work. Do the typical work duties today and we're all meeting for a couple of drinks at McLarens' tonight.

Ava was dressed professionally although pushing a stroller didn't help that she was aiming for such a look but she would never give up her daughter, she would never consider such a thing and Ava forced the thought out of her head entirely. Ava arrived at a large building with multiple floors, the automatic door opened once she had approached them causing little Coralie to giggle hysterically from where she sat in the stroller. Ava let out a small laugh at the sound of her babie's laugh, it seemed too adorable to be real. But sure enough, it was real and brought a huge smile on Ava's face.

"You must be Avalon Banning, the new assistant stylist for Wonderland Magazine, we're happy to have you with us! If you'd like to just wait in over there, someone will be right with you" spoke the perky receptionist as soon as Ava set foot into the reception area. Ava nodded and pushed the stroller towards a black leather couch and sat politely, waiting for someone to notice her presence other than the receptionist.

"It's a pleasure to see you again, Miss Banning" spoke an older lady, who Ava had met just over two weeks ago; the same lady that had interviewed her for the role and who had called her only days before to tell her she had the job. "And who may this be?" the lady asked, looking over her glasses.

"Pleasure to see you too, and this is my daughter Coralie, I hope you don't mind me bringing her, my friend couldn't take care of her today" Ava apologised, smiling only slightly as she hoped it wasn't at issue.

"Of course not" the lady replied, she seemed a little hesitant in Ava's opinion, "now, lets get started, you've got a very busy day ahead of you".

"Well, show me the way, lets begin" Ava smiled, the lady nodded and smiled in return at Ava's slight eagerness to start.

While everyone spent their evening at McLaren's having a couple drinks Ava spent her time laying exhaustedly on the couch of her living room. Lucky for her, Coralie had fallen asleep from the busy day they had both experienced. All Ava could think about was how much her feet ached and why on earth she had decided that heels were going to be a good idea. Of course, they looked absolutely stunning but it was certainly a painful day for her poor feet. 

Ava's phone began to flash on the coffee table, she picked up her mobile to see that she had recieved a text message. It was from Brent and it certainly brought a smile to her lips, the thought of Brent made her smile. She didn't want to admit that she may have a crush on him because she had other things to focus on. Ava opened the message and read it.

From: Brent
Time: 9:41pm
Message: hope 2day went well nd cora ddn't cry much :)

To: Brent
Time: 9:45pm
Message: 2day went rlly well nd cora was n angel
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