Hello guys Kpop fans and my polyfriends
UPDATE about Psycho women Kim Yeoshin news and EXO.

EXO already confirm to join Idol Star Olympics Lunar New Year Special and they'll recording next week ,the event has so many groups to join total 200 idol at outdoor stadium.i 've heard SHINee will join too.

EXO's fans[a good fans] in Korea had announced will helping security to searching,keep their eyes to looking to sth strange might happens to EXO&the other idol,a good thing indeed,since police is such a useless as hel*.

Earlier so many fans had saying this such a joke don't believed but see !! after EXO confirm will join ISO ,the fans not just only EXO's fans can't bear with frustrated feeling...this might be too late if we not pay attention to their secure than just coming to join recording looking to their handsome faces.

Next week i'll going to celebrate my big sis's BDay and family gathering in Seoul since it's holiday in Korea for New Year festival,i'll using this chance come to keep my eyes to the boys and the other too.

I hope so sth we're scared will happen to Sehun and whoever the real target of that Psycho women will never ever happen.
here adorable Sehun he's cute right?
too much cruel to someone had planing to poison him.

I'll come to tell you again after my mission to protect the boys complete.hope so you guys don't think me and some EXO's fans is the saseang in stead of that women.
[sounded like K-Drama protect the boss lol...]

Today i have plan to talk about copycat[yep again,annoying] *long sigh~~
but soon not today idw to ruined my good mood.
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