DORITOS® Reduced Fat COOL RANCH® Flavored Tortilla Chips
  • River Island Swirl lolly
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  • Pralus Chocolate Tropical Chocolate Bars
    An invitation to explore the world through chocolate. Roasted and manufactured in France, the Pralus chocolate bars hail from ten different countries of origin with distinct flavor profiles. Note the smoky tones of the Venezuela bar and the bright, berrylike suggestions in the Madagascar bar. Samples from Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Ghana, Trinidad, Tanzania, Colombia, Ecuador, and the Sao Tomé islands are also included.
  • Coffee-mate Powdered Creamer Canisters-Hazelnut, 15 oz, 2 pk
    Sweet, Nutty Coffee For a warm cup of coffee that blends a nutty and sweet flavor, try Coffee-mate Powdered Creamer Canisters. With its hazelnut flavor, this creamer has a rich and smooth texture. The canister comes in a unique flip-top design that makes the powder easy to pour and hygienic. Used to whiten coffee or other beverages. Comes in a canister that makes it easy to pour. Lactose and gluten-free. Make a creamy coffee for your loved ones with this Coffee-mate Powdered Creamer Canisters and have an evening to remember. Just For You: Make your beverage creamier with these Powdered Creamer Canisters and enjoy a hazelnut flavor at any time of the day. Essential Elements: This coffee contains partially-hydrogenated coconut or palm kernel along with sodium caseinate (a milk derivative). With less than 2% of dipotassium phosphate, this creamer moderates coffee acidity. Free of: Cholesterol, lactose, gluten and trans fat.
  • Askinosie Chocolate Ecuador Dark Chocolate Cocoa Nibs
    Long-term relationships with farmers and an absolute commitment to monitoring taste and texture produce the rich, transcendent flavors of Askinosie Chocolate. Certified organic and packaged in recycled materials, this rich dark chocolate is crafted from single origin beans that are 100% traceable: down to the lead farmer, who is represented on the packaging. Gluten-free, certified kosher, and pesticide-free, Askinosie chocolate is also a powerful source of antioxidants.