Ok, today I went dorm shopping with Chloe. She offered to pay for some of my furniture, but I was like NOO ! Cuz my daddy sent me money, and I have my own money ! But she's such a great bestie to offer. :]

Ok so. 
I got some pretty coolio stuff. 
& I'm setting up my room tomorrow !

Ok. I forgot to tell you about this UBER awesome story of mine. :] - Haha, it's actually just kinda funny !

Well Friday, in school, this kid Matt (Who has a cast on his arm ) Was like
" I want to be a cheerleader."
Me:"Ahaha. I can soooo picture that !"
Matt:"I know right ?"
Me:"I can also picture you knocking out the entire cheer squad with that cast of yours."
Matt:"Oh this thing ? Nahh kid nahh... well maybe..."
Me:"Ahaha, don't get any crazy ideas now Matt."

x] IDK. I guess you had to be there ! It was just like reaaaalllyyy funny! 

Oh yeah & I'm drinking an UBER awesome coolata right now. Which probably isn't the best thing for me, cuz it's like 9:30 LOL. :]

Question for you-
What time do you usually go to bed ?
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