*Sorry if this doesn't really have any connection to my story. And just being random....I NEED THIS OUTFIT IN MY LIFE. 

 I dropped my luggage on the aging wooden floors as I walked into the tiny, yet roomy apartment. "This place was made for us!", Michael said as he gave me a simple, but sweet kiss. The apartment really was perfect! The right amount of rooms, a gorgeous view of the city, and painting artistry that was perfect for a simple Lower East Side apartment. This was already starting to feel like home.

 For five years, Michael and I have been dreaming of this moment, and the fact that it had come true, was almost surreal. 

 After a while of unpacking, Michael and I surrendered to the horrors of getting shit unpacked and organized. "Would you like to get a coffee?", I say with a sly smile, while pulling out my carton of Marlboro's, and a lighter. 
"I'd love that hun", Michael screeched as he inched in to give me a quick peck on the cheek. 

 After getting my desired amount of nicotine, I put out my lit cigarette in the nearest ashtray, and Michael and I were on our way, in search for the nearest coffee shop. 

*Not really that long. I just decided I'd already publish it, after neglecting to do so for the past month or so.
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