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"Mr Styles? Mr Styles!" the stagehand whispered quite loudly, gesturing for Harry to come over to him. "What's wrong?" he asked, walking over to the man. "Your wife gave birth," be said. "What!?" Harry shrieked. He grabbed his phone and called you. "Emily! You gave birth?!" he asked when you picked up the phone. "I'm sorry that you had to miss it babe. It was VERY all of a sudden," you apologize. "I'll explain what happened after you finish your performance and get down here. Love you!" you say, hanging up. Harry walks back onstage and picked up the mic. "My wife just gave birth!" he announces into the microphone. The whole crowd cheered, and the boys gathered him in a big group hug before performing.

After the performance, Harry and his band rushed down to the hospital. He was allowed in your room first, but the other boys had to wait. Rushing into your room, Harry ran over to your side. "Emily, love! Are you okay? How are you babe?" Harry asked anxiously. You laughed lightly. "I'm FINE, baby. Would you like to meet them?" "Them?!" he asked, shocked. "Yeah. Twins? Babe, didn't you know that?" you ask, confused. He looked ashamed. "Can't say that I did," he said quietly. You stared at him, but shook it off. Reaching over the side of your bed, you pick up one baby. "Harry, this is Emma Michelle," you say, placing the baby gently into his open arms. Taking the other twin out, you hold her. "And this is Anna Rose," you say lovingly. "Both girls," he said, surprised. "They're beautiful, just like their mum," he said, giving you a slightly cheeky smile. You both stared at your newborn daughters. Suddenly, Harry pulled up a chair and sat down. "So what happened? Why couldn't I be there for the birth of my daughters?" he asked. "Well, I'm actually over due, the babies are just REALLY tiny, only 6 pounds. But I was making dinner, and moving around a lot, even though I not suppose to. But suddenly my heart beat jumped really hi, and got really fast, and I had to rush to the hospital as quickly as I could. My phone died too, so I couldn't contact you. The doctors had to give me a drug to help give birth faster, or else there could have been big problems. In all this commotion, I didn't even think about you. So when I had finally given birth, I remembered you and quickly had someone contact you. When you called me, my phone was charging. I'm so sorry though baby," you say, explaining everything. "It's okay babe. I love you," he said, leaning over to give you a kiss. "And I love our beautiful daughters."
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