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Hi everyone. I'm just here to show you guys a video my friend showed me last year that I think everyone should see. And I mean everyone.

Are you one of those people that want to look like the girls and boys plastered on bilboards? should stop thinking that. Because this video, if you haven't seen it before, may just turn you away from every bilboard for the rest of your life.

All girls should watch this. All girls should know this. All girls should look up at a bilboard or poster or magazine cover and know that the person you are looking at in the picture has been completely transformed. COMPLETELY. You can only vaguely see the resemblence sometimes between the model and the retouched picture. That's right, retouched. Almost every single picture in a magazine you see, the person would have been altered on the computer, would have so much make-up on their face their mother wouldn't recognise them.

To all the girls and boys out there.

You should really watch this video.


Perfection? Overrated!
Kelly xx

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