Katniss Everdeen | 21| The Hunger Games
Bio Growing up in a not-well-to-do family, Katniss has never really gotten much attention or affection in the family. Her father died when she was only 7 years old due to an accident at the construction site. Her mother had to practically do all she could to raise Katniss and her sister. But even as a child, her mother gave more to her sister because she’s younger. Her sister get to go to school, make friends and wear better clothes while Katniss was more like Cinderella; being the slave at home as her mother needed to work. Katniss never blamed anyone or felt vengeful towards her mother, she just ignored her mother and cared for her sister. She wanted her sister to have the best of everything even though she herself couldn’t. When she was old enough, she worked several part time jobs so that she could help with the family’s finance as well some savings of her own. After her sister graduated from high school, Katniss asked her what she wanted to do and she said fine arts. Katniss took out a map and blindly poke on a spot and her finger landed at Stockholm, Sweden. One day, when her mother was out working, Katniss packed everything and left to Stockholm with her sister, using all her savings to get them there. She was also able to rent a small apartment that is bearable to live in so that she could pay the tuition fees for her sister to enrol in the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts. She works as a waitress at a café by day and babysitter by night. It’s been a year now living in Stockholm and things are getting slightly better, financial wise specifically since her sister got a scholarship for her second year. Now that things are more settled down, she is concentrating more on herself after so many years of contributing. What will be install for her ahead, and what’s her fate?
Model Nayara Bandeira

The Job;
Waitress at a local cafe by day & babysitter by night.

Primrose Everdeen | 19
model: Karina Nicholson

The Boys;
Phillip "Peeta" Mellark | 22
Charming and a gentleman. The middle child of the family. His older brother runs a business of his own so he has to takeover the family bakery shop.
model: Chace Crawford

Gale Hawthorne | 21
Mysterious and rather quiet. He can be seen as emotionless and coups up in the mechanic shop all day long fixing cars.
model: Arthur Sales

Hi, my name is Katniss, you can call me Kat for short. Please introduce yourselves, you gorgeous people! :)

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