Howl by Florence + The Machine 

Name: Ash Vesperus 

Made or Born?: Born 

Age: 23 // 523 

Job: Vampire Councilman and Vampire Only Club owner at the top of the Bellagio

Bio: Ash was born into the prestigious and very old and powerful Vesperus family. One of the original vampire families from ancient Rome, the family is vampire royalty. Their symbol is a black rose. So Ash grew up a prince, getting and doing whatever he wanted. Most of the Vesperus's reside in Italy, which is where he was born and raised. Though he moved from Italy years ago, he still has a trace of the accent. Some of his family are the Originals but very few of them survived past hunts and burning s and punishments. Never being one to stay settled, he has traveled all across the world multiple times throughout his immortal life. And liking adventure, Ash has probably fought in every major war across the years just for the fun of it. But then his mother always likes to drag him from wherever he is and be a bit of a buzz kill, bringing him back from acting like a stupid human to being a Councilman for the Vampire Race.

Since the Vespusus's are so old and influential, they hold many seats on the Vampire Council. Who do you think does the teeth pulling and the staking and burning of vampires who go against the law? And who do you think makes the law? And that's why Ash was sent to Vegas. To keep a watch over the multiple vampires in sin city and report any evidence of exposure or unrowdy behavior. He's only the first one you see if you break the law. Though he's a fun loving adventurous and laid back guy most of the time, Ash knows how to be serious and do his job. It's his mother you really want to be scared of. If she has to come, you know that someone has done something really wrong. 

But despite his position and official duty, that didn't stop him from having fun in the city of sin. With the help of his lovely friend Astrid, Ash opened his own VIP Vampire club at the top of her hotel and Casino, the Bellagio. Though he could have bought and owned his casino with his money, Ash really didn't feel like putting that much work into that and decided a club would be much more fun instead. And he's having plenty of it.

Extra: Wears a black rose ring for his family on his left hand. 

Model: Gaspard Ulleil
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