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there's a class for this || cute is what we aim for
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hello world. :)

on a happy note, my birthday is next wednesday! :D

i haven't been on polyvore that much lately because i'm drifting more towards wattpad and school is hell.

today {21.O9.12} we got interims.
i have a 100 in english, 93 in driver's ed., 77 in algebra II & a 75 in band.
i nearly cried seeing my algebra and band scores, then band class wasn't much better.
on wednesday the sub made us do a playing test and today we got our scores back i tried my best not to cry right then and there. i got a four out of twenty because i froze after the first measure.
i think ms. erika bathalla has it out for me seeing as how she tries her best to interact with everyone, but me.
i can't wait 'til mr. szuba {the real band teacher} comes back.

arrivederci miei amici!
- arion.
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