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January 14th:
A new Miu Miu boutique has opened up in Soho, and Aubrey's scored us all an invite. Did we mention Miuccia Prada is Aubrey's godmother? That's probably where she got her middle name from. Anyway, look around the boutique, and maybe pick up a new bag or an adorable pair of flats. Champagne will be served and some famous designers will be there, so you should try and be on your best behavior.

Sorry the story is long, but please read! Collab with @xoluxury :)

Aubrey was a great friend to be giving us a first hand look at a brand new boutique opening. Miu Miu had always been a favorite of mine, but I wasn't the only one. A tight-knit crowd of ogling girls were crowded behind me as we entered the store, their eyes wide, pouring over the famous label's spring line. They were so starry-eyed because they'd never gotten to do anything like this before.

I had. Of course I had. But I wasn't one to brag. 

The whole storefront was incredible, displays looking so elaborate and delicate it was hard to believe they were done in a matter of days before the opening. The rest of girls bustled in behind me, taking it all in with champagne and biscotti to top it off.

Beside me, Cecile picked up a clutch decorated with rich pinks and purples, covered in hundreds of sequins and embellished with a bold bow and a silver chain handle. She fawned over it, looking up slowly toward Aubrey. “Can I buy this?”

Aubrey glanced at me with a smile and winked. “Of course, buy anything you want!” she told Cecile.

Everyone was desperately trying to find something unique for themselves before anyone else, and I would have been trying to as well, but I knew Aubrey had stashed away two separate one-of-a-kind collared dresses in the back room just for us. She really was an amazing friend and I was happy to have gotten to know her. Sure, it was a bit selfish of us to keep the dresses for only us, but after all, not everyone could get what they wanted. 

“Tacky much? Wearing Miu Miu sneakers to a Miu Miu boutique launch?” Nikki asked me, looking me up and down with a sneer. 

“Kindly shut up,” Aubrey told Nikki, joining me. She gave Nikki a stony glare and finally Nikki rolled her eyes and left to check out the skirt rack.

“Thank you,” I whispered in her ear and she squeezed my waist. 

“Always got your back, Frannie,” Aubrey smiled. She laughed at her nickname for me and I sighed with a small smile. Frannie wasn’t exactly my favorite nickname in the world, but I didn’t mind if Aubrey was the one to say it. “Hey, I have to go help Cecile, she’s a bit overwhelmed I think. Are you okay without me?”

I knew Aubrey had been worried about me. I had been so paranoid and quiet during all of the previous mingling events, but I was fine. People just thought that was my personality, and it was. I wasn’t a loud person, and I wasn’t rude either. I was completely fine. 

“Yeah, I’m good,” I told her. “I just need to find some shoes to go with that divine dress you picked out for me.”

Aubrey smiled, sipping some champagne. “Whatever you pick will be gorgeous,” she replied before slipping off to find Cecile. 

Over to the side, Allison and Paisley stood watching everyone. They looked very shy and unsure of what to do, so I walked up to them, gripping the store catalog.

“Hey girls, don’t you want to look around the store?” I asked, handing over the catalog. “They’ve got some great spring sweaters just around the corner, you should have a look.”

“Oh, thanks,” Allison said. “I do love sweaters.” 

“Me too,” Paisley said quietly, and her and Allison basically tiptoed out of sight to find the sweaters. I smiled, glad I had gotten to them to be involved. Really, this was an opportunity of a lifetime for them.

“Francesca!” Tatiana exclaimed from a few feet away, holding a minidress against her body. “Hey, could you help me a sec?”

I waltzed over to her as she faced a nearby mirror. “It would look so stunning on you,” I offered.

“Thanks, I wish,” Tatiana answered. “I was just wondering if you think I would be able to wear this to… meet someone?”

I raised an eyebrow. “A special someone?”

“Maybe,” she said with a little giggle. 

“I think it would be perfect,” I told her and she squealed a little before scurrying off to the dressing rooms. I watched her go, satisfied that I’d been quite helpful and talkative today. I was certainly making progress and Aubrey would be proud when I told her later.

“Ugh, are you freaking kidding me?” someone groaned behind me and I turned around to see Fatima looking in yet another mirror, wearing a Miu Miu blouse with a bow on it. It looked adorable on her, but apparently she didn’t think so.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her. I hadn’t really talked with her before, but I’d heard she was a bit self-absorbed. 

“This stupid shirt makes my boobs look nonexistent,” Fatima replied. She huffed, pouting like a little girl. “I mean, I still look great, it’s just not as a great as it could be, you know?

“Um, sure…” I nodded, because I didn’t know what else to do.

“Agree with me, will you?” Fatima snapped rather harshly. She glanced down at her phone, which was open to Twitter. “I’ve got to tweet about this, the world deserves to know.”

“That the shirt makes you look, erm, flat-chested?” I asked simply, refraining from laughing. This Fatima girl was interesting. 

“Hmm, you seem a little snobby,” she said, c-cking her head to the side, scrunching up her lips. “And no, that’s not what I meant.”

I suppressed a smirk. “Well, I’m just trying to help.”

“I don’t need anyone’s help, I’m perfectly capable of knowing what looks good on me and what doesn’t,” Fatima said, raising her nose toward the ceiling. She looked back at me. “Hey, you’re Francesca… Aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Weird. I thought you were like some famous person or something,” Fatima explained briefly, shrugging. “Guess I was wrong, huh.”

“I’m not really famous, no…” I agreed. “A lot of girls know me though because of my stance. I’m in the papers a lot, I suppose. You know, all those galas and things? Aubrey and I go to so many.”

“Trying to make me jealous?”

“Definitely not,” I answered, smiling. “Just telling you who I am. Aubrey and I have a little name we call ourselves. Just for fun, though.”

“What is it?”

“The Elites,” I said, letting it roll off my tongue. “It’s just kind-of fun. We’re like socialites I guess you call them? I’m not sure, I don’t really classify myself…”

Fatima pursed her lips. “Famous for being famous. I see.”

“Then you were right?” I asked, a bit confused.

“Not exactly.” Fatima shook her head. She tossed me a curious look before going back to the dressing rooms, still clutching her phone as she was most likely firing off a new tweet.

I just hoped it wasn’t about me. I didn’t really like attention.

Well, maybe I did.

I didn’t know myself very well. 

I was just figuring out life.

It was hard to figure out /my/ life, at any rate. 

[comment if you read please! I included @haute-hippie @xoluxury and @istylista @emilie-ethereal @curious-and-young @vixenn @dreaming-of-couture briefly :)]
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@curious-and-young see below haha. One of the Anna pictures was no longer usable apparently...

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I was tagged again also. Odd.
BUT, this set is so incredibly gorgeous (AND LOOK AT ANNA) that it makes up for it!!!

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United Colors of Polyvore

United Colors of Polyvore

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Shoes Lovers!! by LeBunny Bleu

Shoes Lovers!! by LeBunny Bleu

We love Fashion,
We love Shoes !!
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Miu Miu/ Prada shoes!!!

Miu Miu/ Prada shoes!!!

403 sets from 139 members. Ended 5 years ago.
Submit sets featuring Prada or Miu Miu shoes! Don't forget to visit the details section to get more shoes and create new sets!!! Two weeks, 10 winners!!! NO LIMIT

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