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Name~ Wynter Eliza Lupe
Details~{Given} Was extracted from her coop at the very young age of five. Some witch hunters burned her mommy, and left her all lonely at a school where no there cares.
Species~{Witch or human} Witch
Element~{Choose :D} Water
Age~ 17
Bio~ Wynter doesn't like to hold on to the past but she can't seem to let it go either. She lost her mother traumatically and doesn't know all the details but she ended up at the school, an outcast. She tends to keep her eyes down but there is a fire stirring inside her. She wants to be more than she is, to be known and respected and loved. She is more powerful than she lets on, choosing to keep her real talents hidden for now. but don't worry, she is slowly putting her plans in place and everyone better be ready.
Personality~ {At five or more descriptive personality traits}
`Leather & Lace
`Things that sparkle
`The stars at night
`Being secretly better than most students at witchcraft despite being an outcast
`Boys with tattoos
`Soft pretzels
`Being trodden upon
`Not remembering her past clearly
Face claim of soul mate ~ {Given } Aaron Johnson
Face claim~{Given} Lucy Hale
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