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Aria Wilds;

"Eli, stop it!" I pouted as Eli kept poking me.
He smirked at me, "I'm not doing anything."
"You keep poking me!" I pouted. All I wanted to was play with my Barbies. I sat down and started changing her outfit, but he grabbed her before I could finish
"Look at her, she's naked!" He joked and started tossing her up in the air.
"Eli!! Stop!" I jumped after him, trying to grab it, but it was too high for me, "No fair! You're taller than me." I pouted again.
"Eli Michael! Give her her barbie back." I heard a voice yell out as a sour look spread across his face.
"Fine!" He yelled back and handed her back to me.
The source of the voice, Eli's mom, walked into the living room, "Thank you auntie Michaela." I smiled at her as I turned back towards Eli and stuck my tongue out at him.
"Mom!" He protested as she sat down on the couch.
"Eli, Aria is our guest, you should be nicer to her!" She grinned at me.
"Yes Eli." I said condescendingly with a smile, "Why do you keep bothering me? Why don't you go play with your brother?" I pouted at him.
"Because he's playing outside with your brother."
"And you weren't invited?" I giggled out as I teased him. He was such a meanie that he deserved it.
"I like making you cry instead," He narrowed his eyes at me.
"Eli. What did I just say?" His mom asked him as I pouted, but he just shrugged his shoulders at her.
"It's just… Aria has the ugliest cry face. It's funny."
I looked at Aunt Mic and I instantly made myself cry. He would not get away with calling my cry face ugly. Tears ran down my face as my bottom lip trembled, "Auntie Mic." I cried out just as she stood up and walked over to him, picking him up and sat him down on his lap, like a baby. Mission accomplished.
"You're on time out." She told him as he crossed his arms over his chest.
Just then, my mom walked in the living room and smiled at me, "Are you ready Aria?" She asked me as she looked over at Mic and Eli, "Are you in trouble Eli?" She asked.
"Always." Mic kissed the top of his head and she sighed, while he pouted. I tried not the laugh, "I don't know what I'm going to do with this one."
Eli shook his head, "I did nothing!"
like a baby. "You're on time out," She stated, my arms crossed over my chest as Aria's mom walked into the room. I blinked and watched her, she moved like an angel. And I was being coddled like a baby. "Are you ready Aria?" She asked her daughter and then looked over at my mom who was cuddling me. "Are you in trouble Eli?" "Always," My mom said with a sigh, kissing the top of my head. "I don't know what I'm going to do with this one." I shook my head, "I did nothing!"
"He said I had an ugly crying face!" I interjected as I walked up to Mom and wrapped my arms around her waist.
"So he's in time out." Aunt Michaela told Mommy.
"He's just a boy Mic, they're precoscious. He can't help it. Andrew can be the same way." She smiled at Eli, who grinned.
"See Mom. Aunt Liv doesn't think I did anything bad." He smirked at me as I pouted again.
"But Mom!" I exclaimed as she bent down to my level.
"Aria, you need to stop being so sensitive darling. He doesn't mean to hurt you on purpose." She patted my hair down.
I shook my head, "Yes he is. All I wanted to do was play with my Barbie's and he kept messing it all up!"
"Honey." She said, pulling me in her arms, "You know you're going to learn how to share."
I furrowed my brows, "He doesn't want to play Barbies though! He just wanted to hurt them."
"You don't have to make excuses for him Liv, he knows what he did." Michaela shook her head at him.
"Your daddy spoils you so much Aria." Mommy grinned at me.
"Because I'm his princess." I grinned widely as Eli glared at me.
"He's not the only one who spoils her." Eli grumbled.
"Mister, do you want to be grounded?" His mom asked him as he pouted and shook his head.
I felt triumphant.
"Well, we should probably go know. Andrew!" Mom yelled out his name just as Andrew and Mason came running in, screaming.
"Mason, hush!" Mic chastised them and they both fell silent.
"Hi Mom." He told mom, giving her a hug.
"Thanks for watching them Mic."
She shrugged, "It's nothing, you'll return the favor soon enough." She smiled.

I glanced over at Eli, whose eyes were glued to my mother as she walked away.
I shook my head with an eye roll and dug my elbow in his side, "What the f.uck?!" He said in a loud whisper as he looked over at me.
I glared, "You were totally checking my mom out, you perv!" I wrinkled my nose knowing his long standing crush for my mom, it was pathetic really.
"Your mom is f.ucking hot. Can you blame me?" He asked, his eyes not leaving my mother as she bent over to pick something up.
"Disgusting." I muttered with a pout as Eli's dad walked into the living room with a guitar in his hand.
"I'm working on something for your mom." He started as I smiled widely.
"Aww!!" I squealed out, "For your anniversary?" I asked him. I was no stranger than putting all your feelings into music. Honestly, my dad had written tons of songs for my mother and even a few for my brother and I.
"Yeah." He grinned and started to play a few chords for us. Most people would call me lucky; hearing a song by the famous Erich Brooks in its early stages, but this happened often. I was surrounded by legends… We did this almost every sunday, since Dad was close with Eli's mom. This was the first time we had dinner with Eli back now. Dad and Drew were out back barbecuing burgers, Mason was around here somewhere and Mom and Mic were chatting about something as they set the table. It was comfortable and I loved it.
"I'm still working out a few kinks." Erich told us as I nodded.
"Your voice still amazes me." I smiled at him.
"Thank you," He nodded his head towards Eli with a smile, "You should hear Eli. He puts me to shame." 
I don't think Eli realized how much his parents loved him and admired him; it was a shame.
"I'm sure he's great Erich." I smirked at Eli as he rolled his eyes.
"He's great." He smiled at his son, "And how is it that you didn't get any musical talent Miss Aria?" He asked as I shrugged.
"It wasn't in the cards, I guess." I said, knowing only a few people in the world knew I could sing, one of them being Eli.
"I'm sure you're better than you think." He smiled, "I need to go and write these last few chords down." Erich said and with that, walked away.
"You should be nicer to him." I turned towards Eli.
"When was I not nice?" He raised a brow.
"He was trying to be nice. Talking about your talent and you just sat there."
He shrugged, "You don't know what you're talking about."
I rolled my eyes, "Fine, whatever."
He smirked, "And what about you? Lying about singing."
"You shut it!" I glared at him.
"Sensitive Aria?" He asked, "I don't know why."
"Just don't say anything. Or else." I crossed my arms over my chest.
"Or else what?" He teased.
"I'll pinch your n.ipples." I said, thinking of the only thing that I could really do to hurt him.
"Pinch my n.ipples?" He asked with an eyebrow c.ocked.
I nodded, "I'll give you a purple nurple."
"Are we back in elementary school?" He asked with a laugh.
I glared and instead of countering with words, I reached my hand out and twisted his n.ipple through his shirt as he cried out, "Aria!"
"See, I told you."
"Damn, that hurt."
"Oops," I smiled innocently while he pulled me onto his lap and grasped my waist tightly.
"Your turn." He reached for the bottom of shirt as I held it down tightly.
I tried swatting his hand away, "It's different with girls you idiot!!"
"Yeah, it might turn you on," He said, tickling my side instead of letting me go. I hated being tickled and he knew that, so this was a complete di.ck move on his part.
I wriggled on his lap, "I'm going to kill you Eli Brooks!!" I yelled out loud at him.
"Am I interrupting something here?" Mason walked in and looked at us, looking confused. Nobody knew about Mason and I… we were honestly in a weird place.
"Nothing." Eli replied, letting go. I wondered if Mason ever told him… He said he didn't, but who knows. They're brothers and they're close, "Aria was touching my n.ipples, so I tickled her."
"I was touching them." I glared at him.
"Right. Twisting and touching… big difference." He said sarcastically with a grin, standing up.
"Dinner is almost ready!!" I heard Michaela yell out from the kitchen.
"Do you need any help?" Eli asked back as Mason snorted.
Eli shook his head, "I can't help it if our mom likes me more."
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