I tried to make a collage that illustrates some of the things I dream of, and the mood in those dreams. 

Most of my dreams are just very normal, me doing something I would do when awake, but once in a while I get one of these very different dreams, most of them repetitive, like one I’ve had since I was maybe 5 or 6, a dream about wolves. It changes from time to time, but it is always a good dream, often it’s a pack of wolves running through the forest or howling at the moon. I'm never scared of the wolves and sometimes I even feel like I’m part of the pack, one of the wolves myself. 

I also have a dream where I’m ice-skating. This dream usually comes when I’ve been ice-skating in real life, but also sometimes just randomly. I never do anything else in those dreams, but it is memorable because of the feeling of the dream, it is very real so to say, because it really feels like I’m ice skating and I can almost feel the wind on my face and the dizziness when I spin. 

One of my most common dreams is probably the one where I’m flying. I usually fly over land, watching the earth miles underneath me, and it is always very thrilling. Most times though, the dream ends in me falling, and often for a long time. I usually wake up just before hitting the ground, sometimes a little sooner, but never after hitting the ground.
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