“Happy Valentine's day babe.” I opened my eyes to see Oliver sitting next to me on the bed, a tray with breakfast on it and a single red rose. I smiled, pushing myself up into a sitting position and leaning over to give him a kiss.
“Thank you. You shouldn't have.” He shrugged, placing the tray on my legs.
“I wanted to.” I smiled again before tucking into the pancakes he had made.
“Hmmm.” I said, closing my eyes, enjoying the taste. “These are amazing.” He said nothing, instead making his way to the other side of the bed, sitting beside me. After finishing the pancakes, I leant my head on his shoulder, still smiling.
“I feel so bad that I haven't got you anything. We promised not to do Valentine's Day this year.”
“It doesn't matter babe, I wanted to surprise you. I don't need anything. So, I was thinking today we could go have lunch somewhere posh and then see where that takes us.” I groaned.
“As much as that sounds absolutely amazing, i'm in work today.” He huffed and stood up, leaving me alone in the bed.
“You're always working. Couldn't someone have covered your shift, just for today.” I sighed. Another work argument. Great.
“Everyone is in today, not just me. I'm finishing early though, we could go out for dinner instead, maybe try the new chinese place?”
“Just forget it.” He stormed out, slamming the door behind him. I flinched at the loud bang before laying back down on the bed.
So much for a great Valentine's day.

“Hey Mel.” I smiled at Castilla as I walked past.
“Hey.” I wasn't in the mood for a conversation, and I think she got that, smiling at me before walking away. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath and put on my best smiele, before knocking and walking into Jake's room.
“Hey Jake.” He turned in his chair and smiled.
“Hey lissa.” I noticed his legs were resting on a padded stool in front of him.
“Your legs sore again?” He nodded.
“Not too bad though.” Jake had osteoporosis, which was rare in a guy of just 23 but not uncommon. I could see he was trying to not to look in pain but he was failing. I didn't say anything as I put a drink of coffee on the table beside him.
“Thought you might want a drink.” He smiled.
“Thanks. Hey, look in the top drawer by my bed, there's something in there for you.” I frowned a little, eyebrow raised but I did what he asked, opening his top drawer, revealing a medium sized black box with a red ribbon tied around it. I took it out and walked over to him, the box resting in my hands.
“Open it.” I smiled and untied the ribbon carefully, putting it to the side of me, and sliding the lid of the box open, revealing a red rose, with a note attached to it. Taking the note, I turned it over, reading the message.

“It's not much but I wanted you to celebrate Valentine's day, even if you had to work. Thank you for everything. Love Jake.”

I felt tears come to my eyes as I looked up at Jake, who looked shyly at me.
“Thank you.” I leant over and gave him a hug. Pulling away, I realised I was crying and wiped away tears.
“What's up? Is it the rose?” I shook my head. “Then what is it?” He frowned before his face darkened slightly. “What's Oliver done now?” 
I shook my head. “Nothing, we had an argument this morning over work. It's nothing new.” He went to say something but I stopped him. “Please, I don't want to talk about it. Do you think you would be up for a walk around the grounds?” He nodded and stood up, a grimace on his face.
“I can get the wheelchair if you need it, I don't mind pushing you” 
“No!” His harsh tone made me flinch but I knew it wasn;t personal. He was frustrated. I didn't blame him, I would be too. 23 years old and having the bones of a 70 year old couldn't have been easy. “Sorry.”
“Don't mention it. Do you want your crutches instead?” He nodded and I walked over to his cupboard taking them out. “Here you go.” He took them with a small smile on his face.
“Thanks.” I smiled and held his door open as he went through. 

We walked in silence, neither of us having anything to say but it wasn't awkward, it was a nice silence. One that gave you time to think about things.
“I'm sorry you have to look after me.” I stopped in my tracks, turning my head sharply towards him.
“What? Don't be stupid, I like looking after you. I don't mind it at all.” 
“Still, you shouldn't have to look after me, I should be able to do it myself. I'm 23 fuc.king years old and my life is already over!” He shouted the last part, his voice echoing around the grounds, a few birds flying off into the sky in surprise. Looking at him, head down, posture stooped, I saw a broken and helpless man, frustrated with his life. I walked over to him and lifted his chin up with my finger.
“Hey look at me.” His eyes looked into mine, tears forming in them. “Your life is not over, its just beginning. You can do anything you want, anything a 23 year old can do. You can play football, you can go out drinking on a weekend, you can go and have as many one night stands as you can.” He laughed at this, his eyes lighting up slightly. “This disease doesn't have to stop you living your life. You can do anything if you believe you can. Soon you'll be out of here and free to do everything that a young guy should do and you will love it.” He smiled at me, his eyes now shining brightly.
“Thank you.” We didn't move, instead staying in the same positions. I could see him leaning closer and closer, close enough so that our lips were barely touching and I did nothing to stop him. He kissed me, gently at first, lips barely touching, as if he was seeing if I would pull away. When I didn't move, he kissed me harder. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his lips on mine. It wasn't until Oliver's face flashed in front of my eyes that I came to my senses. I pulled away quickly, fingers touching my bruised lips.
“I shouldn’t have done that.” without giving him time to answer, I rushed back inside, grabbing my coat and bag.
“I have to go.” I shout to Castilla as I ran past her, dying to get out of the home. Once I was out, I felt tears once again but I couldn't hlp but touch the place where Jake's lips had been. What was I doing?

I walked into the flat, placing my coat on the peg. I couldn't hear Oliver so I assumed he was out, doing god knows what. Grabbing a wine glass from the cupboard, I opened a bottle of wine and poured until the glass was full. Grabbing the ine bottle in one hand, the glass in the other, I sat down on the couch, making myself comfortable while switching the television on.
I was too engrossed in a re-run of CSI to notice Oliver coming out of the bedroom.
“Hey.” I jumped, spilling the last bit of wine in my glass over my knee. I turned around to see Oliver smiling.
“Hey.” He walked over to me, coming behind me and resting his chin on my head.
“I'm sorry about before.” I shook my head, turning to look up at him.
“It's fine, don't worry about it.” He shook his head and jumped over the couch, sitting himself next to me.
“No its not. Anyway, to say sorry, I got you a present.” He handed my a familiar blue box.
“Tiffany?” He said nothing, smirking instead, looking proud of himself. I opened the lid, taking out the pouch and opening it out on my hand. Sitting in my hand was a Tiffany bracelet. I looked at him, speechless.
“I-” He took the bracelet and placed it on my wrist before kissing my hand.
“I'm sorry.” I shook my head.
“It's okay.” I leant over and kissed him, smirking as he groaned quietly. Pulling away, I stood up, grabbing his hand. “I think we should finish this in the bedroom.” He didn't protest, instead picking me up. I squealed and laughed as he rushed me into the bedroom and placed me on the bed.
“I love you.” I stared up at Oliver for a few seconds before answering.
“I love you too.” He smiled and I couldn't help but smile back. But deep down I felt sick and guilty, my mind going back to earlier on. Shaking my head, I placed a smirk on my face before flipping him over on the bed.
“No more talking.”
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