James Dean quote haha! Wow I didn't even realize how long it's been since I last made a set...time really does go by fast....

I was tagged by the wonderful @hijabikebabi in this amazing set: http://www.polyvore.com/onehundredandsix/set?id=56231335 This set is also my Eid present for her!! :) The tag is to write 10 things that you love. 

This is a fun tag!! Let's see...
1. Family...because without them I really don't know where I would be in life. It's so much fun to have your whole family around at gatherings and stuff, I just love it! It gives you such a warm feeling. :)

2. Laying down and watching the stars. Where ever you are in the world you'll have a pretty similar view. It's really quite magical. Like looking up at millions of tiny miracles. It makes you imagine all of life's possibilities. 

3. Forever 21...Probably like 70% my clothes come from there haha! I love how there are so many different styles there for eveyone's mood and everything is so trendy! :)

4. Ferrero Rocher chocolates...because they are bites of happiness in a golden wrapper.

5. The ocean...I know that's a pretty broad subject, but ever since I can remember I have always loved being by the ocean or really just any large body of water. It just makes me happy...the look of it, the sound of it, everything. I hope someday I can live on a lake (since there aren't any oceans close to the state I'm living in...but actually who knows if I will move somewhere else?)

6. Music (haha even broader). Some of my favories: Lupe Fiasco, Ed Sheeran, Phoenix, The Beatles, Kid Cudi

7. Driving down the road with your friends and just laughing and enjoying life. (while still paying attention to the road hahah!)

8. Reading a great book or watching a great movie and it sticks in your head far after your done with it.

9. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. <3 I'm gonna go watch it after this! Even when I have a ton of other stuff to do I need to watch it!

10. Polyvore, and all the awesome people on it! :)) I know this sounds a bit cheesy but I think polyvore changed me as a person in many ways.

Alright that's 10! :) Here are my tags! 
@feygirl @charliecharliecharliecharlie @cigarettes-and-valentines @andreaarg @adduncan @by3n1k1 @are-you-with-me @purplehooligan @allamess @vassiliki-g 
If you don't want to do it that's fine too!
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