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I changed TaeWoo from Narsha's brother to her friend:D 

[The story is written in narrator's POV. Narrator is one of oldest students and he knows a lot^^]

'Bear' Taewoo met Narsha when they were kids. They were growing together in the same neighborhood, and as you can easily guess he had crush on her. Still has.
But Narsha, our 'beloved' teacher Shi, is not looking for ordinary man. She is an artist - that's how she calls herself - and she deserves to date artists.
Apparently, artists doesn't think the same, making Narsha lonely 30 years old UNMARRIED woman.
Bear TaeWoo is always by her side. Why she can't see it? Maybe it's caused by fake eyelashes and colorful eye lenses that make her vision worsen.

But let's come back to the night when Narsha, lying in her way too big for her bed, decided to help Taemin. She knew Taemin was going to be easy cause. But it was high time to help student.

Next day Narsha - or rather Teacher Shi, how should I call her in school, called Taemin to her office.
He entered it like if it was witch's hut.
He looked around looking for his teacher in semi dark of the room. Suddenly, in the light of lamp, teacher Shi appeared.
Taemin bit his tongue to stop himself from screaming.
Indeed, in only vague light of lamp, with her dark make up and strange clothes, teacher Shi looked more like a demon than human being.
"Student Lee-" she said coldly. It had taken her some time to practice that cold voice, but at that time she mastered it so perfectly that everyone who heard that got goosebumps. 
"Yes, Teacher?"
"You will perform duet with student Kim Hyunah at official opening ceremony."
Taemin wanted to protest but it would be useless. No one objects to teacher Shi.

Next days were a nightmare for young Taemin. He was practicing with Hyunah who was almost as demanding as Teacher Shi. 
And it was a pure pleasure for Narsha to call out loud all mistakes he did.
During break in practices, Taemin asked if he could go home. He was already late to his part time job.
Hyunah and teacher Shi laughed.
"You want to be a superstar? Than every minute of you life should be sacrificed for training!"
Let's leave these three for a moment - their practiced dance routine till night and it's not as interesting as it may seem. 

It's high time to introduce new character in this story. I had swore to myself that I wouldn't mention even her name since our first meeting wasn't the most pleasant one but as she is going to play important role in Taemin's and teacher Shi's lives I'm obliged to write few words about her.

When you literally bump into people you should apologize. Bow and simply say 'sorry', I don't demand written apology or kneeling before me and begging for forgiveness.
Krystal although wasn't person who would apologize. She just bumped into me, making me spill coke over my new shirt, and even said it was my fault.
No, I wasn't pleased by that meeting.

Later I discovered more about her. Jung Krystal, former student of ballet, for some unknown reason came to our school. She was rich, she was educated, she was better than us.

Or, at least she was pretending to be like that. 

In fact, Krystal was fighting for her family's last savings. She gave up on expensive ballet school and came to ours -she wasn't going to give up her dream of becoming dancer completely.

She was spoiled. She was lost.

She needed someone like pure, hardworking Taemin.

Before they met, one of the teachers had noticed Krystal's voice. 
While Taemin was working hard on dance routine, Krystal was practicing singing.
It was new experience to her - she had never thought of her as a singer before.
She would confessed it to anyone but she liked singing immediately. Singing teacher told her to scream, to let all bad emotions left her body. 

That day, when Krystal was going back home she bumped into tired Taemin. 
The boy was so weak after exhausting training that he nearly fell down.
Old Krystal would ignore him, but new Krystal...new Krystal decided to be nice for one day.
She helped Taemin get back safe to his flat.

But don't be deluded, next day when Taemin wanted to thank her, she was spoiled, mean Krystal again. 
She made fun of Taemin, embarrassing him in front of other students.

It was too early for her to change.

I'm back with Dream High; it's not the best story...

I'm going to be a bit busy, so I won't be that active with stories. Maybe one story a week [and I'm in so many RPs;/]

My exams ends on...5th July o_O
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Wrote 5 years ago
Nice story! It makes me want to write for Dream High now. And wow. You're exams will be over on my birthday! Good luck on your exams! ^^

Wrote 5 years ago
YAY! A DREAM HIGH STORY!! ^______^ hehee
Good Luck Unni!! :D Fighting!

Wrote 5 years ago
good luck Unnie! ^^
you will pass everything quickly :D

Wrote 5 years ago
Good luck! And I can't wait to see your stories everyday! I truly admire all your writings!



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