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Sorry for the crappy set but I am not too creative at this moment xD

Name: Kim Hyoyeon 
Age: 16
Most talented in: dancing 
Background Information: Hyoyeon is a Seoul girl, living with her parents and her younger brother. She is in love with dancing since she saw a performance on the TV at 3 years old. Her parents realized early that this love is not only platonic because she actually has the talent. She is good at in every kind of dance but she finds her ballet classes really boring... Its just too slow and girly to her. She doesn’t even understand why Eunhyuk, the most popular guy attends on that class even he is one year older than her.

Hyoyeon is really bubbly and kind, anybody can get along with her easily. If you need someone to cheer you up just go to her! 

Name: Lee Hyuk Jae (Eunhyuk)
Age: 17
Most talented in: dancing
Background information: Eunhyuk comes from a really wealthy family with busy parents so actually nobody can control him. Except his older sister and his bestfriend, Donghae. But if he is not with them he doesn’t care about anything he just does what he wants. 
He always liked dancing and performed on the street a lot but since he attends in Kirin High he can perform on stage. He is not only good at dancing but he can sing and rap well. And he is a comedian when he is with his friends. 

You wonder why he attends ballet classes? Well for the younger ones its a must but later its only optional - so nobody wants it. But Eunhyuk likes to see the girls wearing those tight dresses and moving their bodies like a swan. Except one girl who is short and her body is too muscular...he doesn’t find her too attractive.

Name: Kang Daesung
Age: 17
Most talented in: singing (composing) and acting 
Background information: Daesung came from a little city and is really shy. He doesn’t talk, he just sits in the corner alone with his notebook and humming songs composed by him. 

When he stands on the stage something happens and he becomes confident and enchant others with his angelic voice. But it rarely happens because he is too shy to go up...

I might change their character a bit I am not sure....but i am not satisfied with Daesung's I guess I just made him to have 3 characters xD
And I don't know how many times I could update...I should update other RPs at first xD
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