To honor this morning's dream (1/12/17)

A beautiful horse with a tall and elaborate head and body dress made of knotted rope walks by me. The ornamentation is too heavy to carry any longer. The horse is exhausted. His legs wobble and buckle beneath him. He almost falls a few times.

I sense that he is on the verge of death. He gives up, lies down and rolls to his side to die..

I work quickly, but delicately, to unknot his elaborate encumbrance. The knots must be untied and unraveled. It is important to keep the rope and string - to reuse or recycle - it would be sinfully wasteful not to. It also seems that to cut the rope would bring greater harm or swifter death to the horse.

I manage to free the horse who, with tears in its eyes, lays its head on my shoulder and expresses the most profound and amazing love for me. I am moved beyond tears. It is the most amazing feeling of pure bonding, love and oneness that I have ever felt. Just stunningly deep and powerful.

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