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Grace Milton; September
Collab with @ingrid 

"Grace, can we leave already?" Bailey asked me looking about as impatient as she sounded. Cabin fever or something had clearly hit, something I could totally relate to. There seemed to be something else behind this though, and when it came to Bailey, Colton was defiantly the best bet

"Okay, are you hiding from Colton again?" I blurted out, eyes fixed to her to try and force her into telling the truth.

As always, it totally worked "Maybe?" She said, and I bet I was only able to hear her response because I was listening for it.

"Bailey! That is /not/ cool." I shook my head in disapproval. Though the day I got a boyfriend was probably the day I fell off my high horse and realised I was worse than all these girls but together.

"Fine. Next time I see him I'll apologise. Does that sound good?" She suggested with that smile on her face that said she was trying to convince you of a completely blatant lie.

“That does sound good,” I nodded before cocking my eyebrow, “But it won’t happen so that’s irrelevant.” 

“Yes it will.” I didn’t believe a word of that.

“Oh yea, so what are you going to say?” I asked frankly, “Sorry that I’m not spending time with you I’m just scared of being in love with you?” The second the words were out of my mouth I regretted them completely.

“Not going to happen.” Bailey shook her head, though for all I knew those words had hit her deep. They were mean,

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean that.” I shook my head before deciding the best course of action entirely would be to change the subject, “So where are we going out this fine evening anyway?”

"I'm dying for a crepe." She said, like you know someone missing their lover "So, let's go to La Creperie."

My nose automatically wrinkled in distaste at the thought of that place "Do we really have to go there?” I tried to keep the whine out of my voice “At this time it's infested with hipsters." 

"Well, it's either that or The Duck and Bunny, which is overpriced." She smirked 

"Aria loves that place... maybe we should go to see what the fuzz is about?" I suggested eagerly. I actually had nose desire to go there but logically it couldn’t be worse right?

"Fine, but only if they have red velvet cupcakes." she said, shrugging. Girl had obsession

"Why wouldn't they?" I asked curiously

 "Because it's not hipster enough?" She suggested with a snort. I had to roll my eyes, something I’d been doing a lot more since associating with these girls

"Alright, let's go." I said, as I linked my arm with hers. “Let’s go on a magical adventure.”

“A magical adventure?” she asked, eyebrow cocked though not removing her arm from mine.

“Yep. I magical adventure.” I grinned bigger than I felt like and nodded, “the best kind.”

“I see. You’re in a good mood today.” She eyed me speculatively as I pushed the front door open, our arms still linked

“Yep.” I nodded, “I’m trying really hard, is it paying off?” I asked with a wink. Which okay was totally true but if I played it off as a joke maybe she’d ignore it.

Just my luck, she didn’t, “Why are you trying hard.”

“No reason.” I shrugged spinning the ring on my right arm around with my thumb, “I’m defiantly not freaking out because I haven’t heard from Joe in almost two weeks. I have no reason for fake cheerfulness.” I shot her the widest grin I could.

“No of course not.” She said dryly.

“Not at all,” I laughed, genuinely this time, “Gosh Bailey why would you even suggest that?”

"Gee, I don't know." she said, pensively. "How about we talk about it?" she said before sincerity leaked into her voice “What was the last thing you two talked about?" 

"Do we really have to?" I asked, biting my lip and spinning the ring round faster now. Nervous habit, so sue me. Really though I was perfectly comfortable helping people sort out their problems so I should be able to sort out my own without bothering people, right?

"I'd appreciate if you'd let me help, for once." She nodded. I’d never thought of it that way I guess, that people want to help me in return, maybe.

"Well, it's probably stupid." I shrugged before launching into my story of the evasive lunch and the call to Cassie and the fact he hadn’t actually contacted me since the lunch.

"Gracie, maybe he's just trying to figure out what to do next." She suggested. "Things could be rocky between the two of them, but he's not telling you because he doesn't want you to worry over his personal problems." 

"But he's my brother." I said with a frown. We told each other anything and I would be personally offended, just a little, if he suddenly decided to stop confiding in me. AND started confiding in Cassie “I always know what's up with the two of them." 

"C'mon, maybe it's not even anything important. It could probably be something like, he's getting a pay raise or something boring, like a new gun at work." She said, defiantly grasping at straws here. Ha my job as advice guru of the house was harder than I made it see

"...An increase on his salary would be important." I pointed out, eyebrow cocked for added effect

 "You're right.” She shrugged before saying “I suck at this."

“No you don’t suck!” I shook my head with conviction, not wanting her to feel bad on behalf of my crazy, “I mean I’m being crazy and insecure there is no way to deal with that.” I laughed in a self deprecating fashion.

“You’re close to him, it’s understandable,” she shrugged sympathetically, “Actually have you noticed pretty much all of us like our brother’s best?” She asked thoughtfully.

“Teen Wolf and brothers, the core values of Theta house,” I shook my head dryly, “But I’d just like to point out I never said Joe was my favourite and I actually do like both my sisters quite a lot.” 

“You don’t have to say it doll,” She winked at me, “It’s painfully obvious to anyone who’s ever heard you talk about his.”

“I know right,” I groaned, “sometimes I think we have this weirdly co-dependant relationship that is not healthy. Case and point I’m freaking out because I haven’t heard from him in a week. I only hear from Cassie like very 3 or 4 weeks.”

“You’re freaking out because it’s out of the norm is all,” she shrugged, before nudging my in the shoulder, “Besides you’re not as co-dependant and the Winchesters so you’re fine.”

“Fine, Fine, You’ve convinced me,” I laughed, because she had a point there. Apparently everyone knew the best way to get me to understand was referencing tv shows, something I shouldn’t be proud of, “Now it’s your turn.” I said, uncomfortable at being the one helped instead of helping, “Why exactly are we avoiding Colton this time?” I asked as we approached Aria’s overpriced cupcake cafe of doom. 

“Because.” She shrugged, so obviously avoiding the question

"Oh no, you're not giving me that answer again." I glared at her because talking always without fail worked even if it took lots of prodding. Tricks of the trade I had learnt "Spill it." 

"I don't know, I have a feeling he doesn't like me the same way." She said opening the door to the twilight zone. Seriously it looked like it was decorated by the illegitimate daughter of Barbie and tumblr. Not cool "Are we sure we're in The Duck and the Bunny?" She asked sheepishly, so obviously changing the subject

"...This is creepy. Like 'My Little Pony' levels of creepiness." I shuddered before single mindedly returning to the prickly topic at hand. "And what do you mean he doesn't like you /that/ way?" I was pretty sure he did. I mean really that boy was like desperate for her attention. But potentially fake hope was not something I gave out not in Ally’s case and not in Bailey’s

 "Every time I try to ask him about relationships he just avoids that topic all together." She explained. "Like I'll ask him if he likes anyone in campus and he'll go 'Oh, look at that awesome movie poster', even though it's a totally lame poster, like the one for that Bradley Cooper movie, 'The Words'." That actually made it seem more like he liked her than didn’t but hey, she could figure that out

"Understandable." I nodded, "The crappy poster, I meant." Seriously Bradley Cooper needed to pick better movie. But that was kind of irrelevant right now

"Yeah, I think it makes him feel uncomfortable." For obvious reasons

"Well, you'll never know until you ask him." I said solemnly, trying to get her to figure this stuff out on her own.

“But If I ask and he doesn’t that’ll just make everything awkward.” She said in a weird kind of dismay.

“Remember how my friendship with Thomas was built on a crush?” I pointed out, eyeing this place and wondering exactly whose idea it was to come here. Mine I think, but not one of my better ones.

“I may have heard the story once or twice.” She teased me, knowing full well it had been more often than that. It just applied often alright.

“Shh,” I laughed, bumping her gently in the shoulder, “The point is friendship can survive that and come out stronger. I promise.” I smiled at her earnestly.

“That’s different though.” She shook her head, “You’re friendship was built on a crush, mine might destroy one.”

Bailey looked so distraught I kind of regretted bringing it up. Almost but not quite because it was always better to talk about it. Ally had told me, I’d worked my magic and her and Scott were closer to bumping uglies than ever. “Hey, he cares about you enough that I doubt it would ruin anything.”

“Really?” she asked skeptically.

“Besides,” I shrugged, “Have you ever though he avoids the question because he likes you?” I prompted her, because I was sick of her looking so hopeless and sad.

“How does that work?” She asked curiously and perhaps with a bit of hesitant hope.

“Exactly the same thing you’re doing,” I pointed out because, duh, “He likes you but doesn’t wanna ruin the friendship so he avoids the subject.” I shrugged before hastily adding, “But do not hold me to that because I do not know Colton nearly as well as I know you!”

"True that." She nodded. "I think I'll tell him... eventually." That was the best I could hope for. And hey it was a work in process, and not to shabby. Only if it made Bailey and Colton happy though, otherwise I would drop it. I doubted she could be less happy than she appeared about it know though.

 I couldn’t help the groan that escaped my lips, ‘eventually’ but I decided to drop it for the day "Can we please just order our stuff and get out of here as soon as possible?" I asked instead

She nodded, looking a little terrified. Probably how I felt "This place is too fluffy for my liking." 

"Why does Aria even like it anyways?" I asked completely cluelessly. I mean really that was her kind of scene at all. Unless she was a closet hipster, one direction fan with a stuffed animal collection. As if on cue, a really cute cashier looked over at us and waved. Oh. That made sense. "And that just answered my question. Let's go and buy something."
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