Okay, I'm really not sure that I'm doing this right, but this is a dreamcast for a story I'm working on that I'm hoping will be published later this year. It's actually the fourth in a series, but they are meant to be read as stand-alones. I chose Seth Rogen as Jasper and Steven R. McQueen as Gene. If you PM me with an email I'm happy to send you as much as I've finished, but you MUST be over 18 because it gets fairly explicit. 

Jasper was having a good time. Parties didn't always work that well for him. He wasn't very hard of hearing, but a lot of ambient noise could make it difficult for him to follow a conversation and it was never easy for him to speak clearly. It was always worse when he couldn't easily hear himself. Then he had a lot of trouble controlling the pitch and volume of his voice.

This was small, and not very loud. He didn't really know anyone besides Nick very well, but Nick had suggested he bring people, and he had grabbed his friend Don, who brought his girlfriend, and a couple of other guys. One of them was wearing a Jedi robe, but that was okay. At least none of them were homophobic. Don knew Jasper had been with Nico, and didn't care, but you never knew with new people. Jasper guessed Don had sounded them out. He was good with stuff like that, which always surprised the people who thought all geeks were socially inept.

Don's social skills were the only reason he and Jasper had ever become friends, since Jasper himself was socially inept enough for both of them. And probably the rest of the party. Still, it was fun to hand out with other people and none of these were the kind who thought is was okay to make fun of Jasper for being shy and awkward and large and funny sounding. Nick was sweet and very wholesome, and while his boyfriend Leon wasn't quite as wholesome as Nick because nobody was, he was very kind and always patient with the length of time it took Jasper to say things.

There was a lawyer and an internet guy from New York City, who were a lot more sophisticated than the rest of the company, but the lawyer was Nick's brother and he was as decent as Nick was, if a lot slicker. The internet guy seemed to be his boyfriend. He looked like the kind of guy who was usually confident, but maybe felt a little out of place here.

Jasper was sympathetic. He always felt out of place. And the guy was nice to look at. Short blond hair, pale blue shirt, nice gym muscles. Of course he was completely out of Jasper's league, even if he wasn't taken, but it was always fun to imagine that some hot guy would be willing to use Jasper's mouth for a few minutes.

The cute short guy with the fedora seemed to think New York City was hot, too.
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