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 My head-canon Harriet Watson, Catherine Tate: http://images.zap2it.com/images/celeb-495411/catherine-tate-0.jpg and Clara, Alex Kingston: http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/15600000/Alex-Kingston-alex-kingston-15685074-517-604.jpg

October (cont.)

Harry had invited him over for dinner, and as always, John was unsure what to bring since he doesn’t want to go empty-handed. A bottle of wine wouldn’t be a good gift to an alcoholic. But Harry had patched it back together somehow with Clara, like she always used to do when they were just girlfriends, before they were married. No more drinking, she had sworn. Like she always promised.

Thankfully, John opened the fridge to find that Mrs. Hudson had baked bread and has kindly wrapped up some in cling film for him. Banana bread, with walnuts and a nice sugared crust. Perfect.

Harry and Clara (had once, and now again) shared a flat in Potters Bar, and John was used to taking the Tube and then catching a cab to visit them. He’d gone often when they were married, and Harry hadn’t moved far when she’d bought a flat after they’d fallen out. Clara greeted him at the door after he’d rung once, giving him a brief hug and taking the banana bread. “How have things been?” she asked him. (Harry probably hadn’t said anything to Clara about him recently, though why would she? He’s hardly said anything to her about Sherlock, after all, besides the blog, which he knew that she read).

“Nothing really new,” and he kept it at that.

“Oh, you’ve got your cane back,” she commented. He sighed and shrugged like What can you do? She shrugged back and smiled. Clara looked mostly the same since John had last seen her, if a bit slimmer. Her wavy blonde hair went down to the middle of her back, and she straightened her blue shirtdress as she led John to the kitchen. They sat down to wait for Harriet.

“Johnny.” She came down the stairs, heels clacking, and walked into the kitchen grinning.

“Harry.” John smiled back. Harry’s straight red hair had grown out past her shoulders, and she looked happier and healthier than ever. Being back together with Clara had done her lots of good. He didn’t hug his older sister, but the brief shared smile was enough.

Dinner turned out to be just a quiet little affair with only the three of them, and quite a bit awkward with lots of smiling and nodding, but John doubted anyone noticed beside him. Harry and Clara seemed too caught up in each other and he couldn’t look at them during dinner once without feeling like he was infringing upon a private moment. Or perhaps it was him longing to have a relationship like them. The chemistry between them was palpable, and while the conversation was anything but sparse, John left Harry and Clara’s home wondering where he’d ever gone wrong.

Read More, because, guess who returns?: http://archiveofourown.org/works/461287/chapters/925466

Told you he was returning: @kaitlynn-sherlockian-whovian @demi-justin-fan-gryffindor-queen

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