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Scarlett Leigh
Age: 24
Occupation: Owner of the Fitzgerald Museum
Likes: Fruit, alcohol, classical music, history, romance, blankets 
Dislikes: Ghost stories, scary movies, nail polish, coffee, candles, greasy food
Bio: For people like Scarlett, the Fitzgerald Museum is the source of great and valuable information about the 50s. She's a tough cookie and if there's one thing that annoys Scarlett is that people always come to her museum asking about the ghosts... because she doesn't believe they exist. However, some strange things have been happening there. At first, Scarlett thought someone was trying to break into the museum (because it has happened before) but the noises are persistent and she's having her doubts these days... maybe the ghosts are real.
Relationship status: Single
Model: Summer Glau

Hey there, I'm scarlett and I'm always more than happy to answer any question you have about the museum, the house or the general area.

If one more person asks me about ghosts however, I may have to set Bradley on you and he can be scary.

x Scarlett

[To the present day girls, relationships? also @ingrid this was my attempt at your layout gone horribly terrible wrong. I apologise]
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