It's raining today and I can't decide whether to go out and explore or stay in and read a book...

A little bit about me:

Birth month:
Hair Color:
Caramel at the moment. Normally choc brown, and sometimes pink.
What is your absolute favorite meal of all time?
2 min noodles with vegemite and chilli!
What color are your nails?
If you had to be reincarnated as some sort of sea dwelling creature, what would you be?
A groper :)
What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
Last book you read:
The Pigeon by Patrick Süskind
Current book your reading:
Nothing but soon to be re-reading Magician by Raymond Feist
What is your favorite city?
Salzburg or Bangkok.
Favorite color?
What is the last movie you watched?
the fantastic mr fox
What are 3 things you're really thankful someone invented?
-Back Scratchers
-Quad Biking
-Cupcake flavoured dental floss
Where does your influence come from?
models, scene kids, designers, nature.
What kind of music do you most listen to?
hardcore, alternative, hip hop, industrial.
Favorite ice cream flavor:
peanut butter or gingerbread...yum!
Do you have any pets?
noooo...but i would love a puggle or a bearded dragon.
What are your favorite brands/designers?
vivienne westwood, something else, tokidoki, christian lacroix, coach, shona joy, lanvin, lover, alexander wang.

Favorite television show:
True Blood
Favorite quote:
"Your discontent will inspire you to greater success" - fortune cookie :)
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