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How funny... I didn't realize that I'd come across this collection 4 months ago and liked it then! I thought I found something new! Oh well!! I got to enjoy it twice! LOL!

Wrote one year ago
Wow!! Another amazing collection! I really hope you don't think I'm being rude by liking so many items! I just love your sense of style! Many of the items in this collection are things that I would clip myself if I came across them on the web. But then again... I tend to clip and "like" many more items than I could ever use!! Sorry for getting so wordy... I just wanted you to know that I'm not one of "those" people - I didn't just haphazardly like your items and then move on. I liked a lot of items, but I truly appreciate all the time and effort it takes to find and compile a wonderful collection like this! And you do it repeatedly!! Thank you! :)

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