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I was tagged my @iloveyoudd , in her amazing set 
and by @diana1990 in her wonderful set :

Rule 1: Always post the rules
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones
Rule 3: Tag 11 new people

1. Are you a morning person? 
- No :) 
2.Whats one destination you'd like to go ?
- I would like to go in Russia Federation , because i love winter and gold weather ...

3.How can you describe your style? 
- My style is crazy , i love crazy fashion , and maybe classic but only a little.. Crazy :)'

4.Your favourite designer is?
- I have 2 favourite designers and 1st is Alexander
Mcqueen because of his crazy clothes and Dolce & Gabbana because of crazy prints.

5.Where are you from ? 
- From Ireland , Dublin . 

6.Reasons you love polyvore.
- On polyvore , you can show how much you love fashion and how much you are original , in the same time you can find some new friends , and maybe stay friends forever.. And more and more reasons why i love polyvore.. But with one word i just love :)

7.Have you done something you regret?
Yeah , i killed a woman , haha no never 

8.Who means the most in your life?
- Well , of course my family and my dog and then my friends ..

9.Is there something you've always wanted to do but never actually had a chance ?
- Oh , yeah i wanted to be a Nathan's girlfriend but i never had a chance to do that :) 

10.One wish.
- don't know , i can't remember right now , i don't have just one wish i have 1000000 wishes hah :) 

My questions : 
1. Describe yourself only with 5 words

2. What so you love more dogs or cats ?

3.Are you in love with somebody ?

4.What is your favourite colour?

5.Who is always there for you when you need to tell something important ? 

6. 2 things you can't live without ?

7. Do you love sports ?

8. Imagine that you are on some island and there's noting , 5 things you would take there ? 

9.Do you love summer or winter more , and why ?

10.What you would like to be when you grow up and why ??

Right now i will tag my 11 lucky girls :
@elske88 , 
@iloveyoudd , 
@alaria , 
@ffpava , 

I will be very happy , if you answer on my questions .
Have a nice weekend
Much love ♥♥♥♥
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