Dress Like Lilly Truscott & Miley Stuart

from Hannah Montana Forever.
To dress like Lilly Truscott wear: Lots of skinny jeans(dark wash, distressed, white, ect.), band tees/graphic tees(sometimes striped tops) with a neutral colored cardigan over top(long sleeve or sleeveless), plaid button up shirts with a vest and/or scarf, lots of comfy/classy/cute jackets(blazers, ect.), and a pop of color(bright scarves, colorful converse, ect.) and she always finds a way to add a bit of yellow to her outfits.
To dress like Miley Stuart wear: Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans & sometimes capris, mini skirts(black or white), loose/comfy shirts(bright colors), classy tops(with fun patterns/details), boots, flats, booties, a cowgirl-ish vibe to every outfit.

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