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Dress me for....(contests)

In this group you can style me for different events/situations in my life! A few things I don't wear just to help (outfits including these will be relogated accordingly but if a few people include them it will depend on the other outfit components) -,I tend not to wear busy styles as they 'overcrowd' me - just as bold prints do. (I don't wear bold prints) - I don't wear pale, off-White colours unless they have a warm hue (they make me look washed out!) - I can't wear heels! They're too painful and bad for your feet! Unless they are: kitten heels or very very low - I tend not too wear overly sexy things as I'm a Christian and as one I can try to be conservative - don't wear very low-cut necklines - I don't wear a typical v-neck I find them dowdy and uninventive! - I don't wear anything risque as a Christian - I don't wear skulls as a Christian or anything demonica-themed - I don't wear gypsy tops or folk prints (unless there is other detail with folk prints) I love them with all my heart always have done but don't like black magic and don't wanna be like the sinners in the bible! Risky: I often pick things that mum says is 'molly' in a shop and try and avoid these. Generally if the outfit isn't completely molly I'll consider it. You can play around with this if you want! Flowers: are helpful! They are good speakers. If you understand fashion you'll know some flowers are bold and for bigger or older people; some are old-fashioned and can seem dated, some are very pretty and some can even be very young and funky My style: 'romantic': According to a book I read there are 6 style types!: A young romantic (can't remember name) romantic, gaming, classic, natural and dramatic. Mine is romantic which means I like, florals, floaty styles, flounces and frills. Although I probably do mostly wear this I probably sometimes wear the other styles. It may help! My colouring: the same book denotes 4 main colouring types! As in skin, hair and eye colour: summer, winter, spring and autumn. My colouring is summer so I wear a lot of bright and warm colours but others as well! Please note: I have nothing against other people's styles. Even if you wear demonica, risque or skulls it won't bother me and I don't judge ANYONE. What you wear does Not define who you are! EDIT: From now in I'll be updating the lists of things I've been to/coming up and the winners of the contests get to choose from that list. Going to message previous winner before posting next contest! Here is current list: Shopping with Auntie Genny for her gift - Marbella, Spain Vintage craft morning Harry's 4th birthday nephew The jungle book film Volunteering - little shop of horrors? Meal with Christian friends the pavilion pub restaurant Baptism (person not known) Cousin Emma's barbecue Christian barbecue the vicars and his wife Shopping for clothes in Spain Marbella Grooming parlour with mum Helping look after nephews Out playing Pokemon go To see BFG and nando's Portuguese/Mozambican meal Nephews christening Charity fun run north east Austism society Walk with church members Margaret's birthday barbecue Ali's birthday drinks Isaacs 3rd birthday nephew My animal themed fancy dress birthday party ✔️ Cousin Michael and Jennys graduation party Chiquitos Mexican lunch, restaurnt with mum, Genny and John Da vincis lunch italian restaurant with mum Genny and Jonn Chadwicks inn maltby, quality evening meal with parents - Genny and John Beach San roque Beach sandy bay Gibraltar and restaurant Don benito tapas bar with friends El depo tappar with friend Barbecue in San roque with family Barbecue in Gibraltar with family El rinconcillo fish bar and beach La verandah restaurant torreguadario Supermarket el Carrefor la linea Tracadero sotogrande Chilling in villa alcaidesa Alcaidesa beach Apes den Gibraltar to see the Gibraltar Breakfast in Latinos, casemates square Gibraltar Airport returning to England from Spain Good luck in my contests!
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