Had this dress along with these photos for a while in my drafts and the rest of the story is in the title :) 
First of all sorry to all of you whose sets I haven't check for a long time..this is a very busy time for me...
And now the tags :) tagged by ankinek and Milie-Milie :) thanks girls...

so, have i ever...
drank alcohol - yes
missed my bus - yes
got a detention - no
failed an exam - yes
smoked - yes (tried)
slapped someone - yes
had sex - yes
kissed a boy - yes
kissed a girl - yes
done drugs - yes (tried)
sneaked out - no
fainted - yes
been grounded - no
lied about my age - yes
used fake id - no
got suspended from school - no
driven a car - yes
fancied a teacher - yes
fancied a friend's brother - no
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