Dresses ;]

Don't you love Cool text generator At least half of my sets have them! And there's a variety...like a sweater one, a simple cute one, a faaahhhnnnnsssaaaayy (fancy) one...all kinds of dresses. And yes, all kinds of dresses are allowed in this contest ! The rules are as easy as pie, though I don't know if pie is easy...Hm...let's just say it is! Anyways, I want you to submit your sets with...get ready for this...DRESSES! Other entries WILL be rejected. Like for the shorts contest, I got a set that had nothing to do with shorts and I was like, huh?! So anyways, submit allllll those dress sets. Yes, that's right...UNLIMITED ENTRIES! WOOOOOH! Par-tayy! SO do me a favor a submit those sets(: I'm talking 12 winners (wow, I just tried to put the '12' in caps...didn't work...), 1 week, NO limit, and YOU vote! Isn't that something? Now run along! For the umpteenth time...SUBMIT THOSE DRESS SETS! Don't wait till the last moment! GOOOOOOO!

OH! One more thing(: In case you didn't know...I think Polyvore made it so you can select many entries at once! You don't have to KEEEEP going back and stuff. Idk if it works for all computers or everyone on P-vore can do it...Hm...just try it out(: Now...GO!


That would be my dresses collection right there, if you'd like to see them(:

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