Hey girls! It's Linna, I really like this magazine type of layout so I wanted to try it out & it turned out pretty good. ♥ This is inspired by @tips-for-real-girlss, follow them! They are A M A Z I N G & I'm super jealous of their sets & tips.

Now lets get to the tip! This was requested by somebody but I don't remember who because it was almost two weeks ago, so I apologize. I also have a guide on how to dress bohemian-chic, girly vintage, & real preppy. If you'd like the tip link, just comment below & I'll give you the link, onto the tip~ 

♥- Go for Vintage;
Not all the way like 40s and 50s but pay attention to the style of 70s and 90s! The highwaisted blue jean shorts, the ugly but cute oversized sweaters, cardigans, and sunglasses are GOOD examples of this look.
♥- Baggy-ness;
Baggy sweaters and big scarves are the main things you want to pay attention to in this "category". These are like the most important parts of the hipster style. But don't go T O O baggy.
♥- Subtle Jewelry;
Studs, thin bracelets or one big/wide bracelet, headbands accent, this style is a very popular symbol or whatever you call it. in this style, the owl & the triangle is the most important shape & symbol. You can find heap loads of these things in forever 21, wet seal, rue 21, and hot topic definitely.
♥- Piercings;
If you have these, support them! I only have an regular ear piecing, but I still use it! Try to make them stand out by mismatching them, especially the cartilage ones, by using bright colors and blacks. Or you can go for the good old rhinestone. You can also get fake cartilage earrings at Clarie's. 
♥- Color;
The STYLE of the color is very important. Color blocking, mismatching, and plaid is a good way to go(:
♥- Shoes;
Ankle boots, flats, converse/vans, and toms are really good. Occasionally sandals, depending on the style.
♥- Hair;
Any hair can go for the style as long as it isn't "too styled" like a arianna grande style ponytail or something.
♥- Clothing Key;
- Text tees
- Blue jean bottoms and vests
- cluster of friendship/ragedy bracelets
- ''ugly" patterns
- Loosely tucking in your baggy shirt into your shorts
- Nerd Glasses
- Bandana prints
- bandana headbands
- Loose buns
- Beach waves
- Crop tops
- clustered rings/ Many diff. rings 
- just BE D I F F E R E N T.

I hope you like this tip, tell me if you like the layout too!(: 
~ Linna 

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