July 24-27 I will be bicycling 328 miles from Cleveland to Cincinnati as a participant in the 2014 Pan Ohio Hope Ride (#POHR). 

Now, I’m not riding 328 miles because it’s fun to ride your bike (but it is) or because its good exercise (yes, it is that too) or even because it’s a great way to see Ohio (of course it is). No, I’m riding my bicycle 328 miles in 4 days to help fight cancer by raising money to support Ohio Hope Lodges, AND I NEED YOUR HELP!


I am looking for kindred spirits--individuals who hate cancer as much as I do--to donate to the American Cancer Society Hope Lodges (through my fundraising page) to help patients who are staying at a Hope Lodge while receiving treatment to battle their cancer. 


You should know that donations made NOW—help NOW! Sometimes donating to a charity with a broad goal like “fighting cancer” doesn’t feel very tangible. BUT, when you give to this fundraiser, you know that your donation is helping someone at a Hope Lodge fight cancer right now. Will you help me help them?


Thank you for your consideration!

p.s. I have the official POHR cap, I'm working to earn the training vest, and I can use all the training help I can get!
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