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△June 5th - Saturday night, and it's time for a good old fashioned all nighter party! It is being held by the river.

The music was blasting loudly by the time I arrived, yet no one was dancing. I decided to change all that.

"Hey Ondine! Wanna dance?" I asked her.

"Okay!" she shouted happily.

"I know the perfect spot to dance." I grabbed her hand and dragged her over to the river.

In the river there were a bunch of stepping stones. Some of them led to a big flat boulder in the middle of the river. We hopped from rock to rock until we reached the flat area where we began to dance.

A few people saw how much fun we were having, and decided to join us on the boulder. Eventually everyone ended up dancing on the boulder. There were so many people on it that we had to hold onto eachother to keep from falling off. All in all, it was a fun night :)

△June 6th - Because it's summer and it's getting hot out, all the girls will help each other make some new summer clothes.

"Elsie, I love your outfits!" said Giselle. "Will you help make me some summer clothes?"

"Me too!" Dimanche said.

"Can you help me as well?" Aurelie asked.

I stared at all of them and giggled. Then I sighed, "Oh, all right." They all cheered happily and we spent the rest of the day making clothes for the summertime.


I added all the newbies in my story as a way of saying "Welcome!" :D
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