Welcome to Bristol, England - home of the rebels, the wild hearts, the beautiful and broken.
At first glance, it seems like your normal city full of chavs and WAGs, rebellious teenagers and blue-collar workers, but behind closed doors, nothing's that simple. Affairs, abuse, and substance use are common in Bristol society, especially in the young crowd. They don't know about limits, control, innocence or rules, and they'd rather roll a spliff than do their classwork any day. Confused, in love, depressed, mad, angry, out of control... They don't understand the word "no" or even care to find out.
But rumour has it that they've been developing... er, superpowers. Believed to be produced with puberty, the Uncommon X gene magnifies your personality traits into something one would call a "power". I hear there are girls that can walk through walls and boys that know exactly what you're thinking - crazy, eh? No one knows if it's for sure, but I'd watch out if I were you.
Because if you aren't with them?
You're against them.
And God help you if you are.
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