• Menu Design Menu A/S - Water jug 1 liter
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    The designer Jakob Wagner started out with the classic bottle archetype, which in the new interpretation shows a smooth, square shape and a stainless steel with silicon colar. The colar protects the glas and holds back drops before they can drip down outside of the bottle - it also hides a disrete lid, that tilts automatically when pouring. The lid keeps out insects and pollen when used outside - and at the same time it ensures that everything your can fill into a bottle, like ice cubes, lemon, mint leaves or strawberries, stays inside. "I like it when my work has a natural balance", says Jakob Wagner. "Therefor the upper part of the bottle is a good example. It protects the glas, yet opens so you can see the content. There is a contrast between the open and the closed bottle - and therefor a balance".
  • Secrets to Making Signature Mojitos
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    The Mojito is a proven crowd pleaser and an absolute must for every mixologist to perfect. To that end, the following are the best-kept secrets behind America’s greatest Mojitos:
  • Surprising Uses for Hot Cocoa Mix
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    Stir up the powder in three new delicious ways.
  • coke bottle
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  • Red Bull Energy Drink 12 oz
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    Find product information, ratings and reviews for a Red Bull Energy Drink 12 oz.
  • Rosendahl - Grand Cru Coffee Glass
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    The Grand Cru coffee glass by the Danish manufacturer Rosendahl is perfectly inserted in the Grand Cru series. Besides the usage as everyday glass, it is also wonderfully suitable for celebration events because of the compact, distinctive design and the pleasant touch. The coffee glass is made out of lead free, high quality glass, it is dishwasher sage and also usable for other hot drinks such as tea, latte macchiato or hot chocolate. Of course also the enjoyment of cold drinks isn’t limited by no means.
  • Skyy Pink Lemonade Cocktail Recipe
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    Skyy Pink Lemonade Martini Recipe. aSkyy Vodka,Triple sec liqueur, lime juice, lemon juice, sour mix and cranberry juice,aa Skyy Pink Lemonade Martini recipe with pictures and instructions for making the Skyy Pink Lemonade Martini.
  • Cosmo Drink Recipes
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    Delicious Cosmo drink recipes for adults. Learn how to make the best Cosmo recipes for almost any occasion, plus pro mixing tips and techniques.
  • Plastic Drinks Holder
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    Keep your cold drinks cool by using this plastic drinks holder which has a pink finish and a plastic lid. The holder comes with a coloured plastic straw and it is reusable making it fantastic for use from one day to the next. The height of the holder measures at 15.5cm approx.
  • Take Away Tea Mug, with silicone lid
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  • Holmegaard Cabernet Red Wine Glass
    Peter Svarrer set out to design a lightweight wine series that would contain three major design philosophies - modernism, functionality and everyday elegance. It is only the most experienced glass blower that can achieve Cabernet's elegance and weight.
  • Louis Dornier Brut Champagne
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    View Louis Dornier Brut Champagne at Littlewoods.com Order online for free delivery and returns and low weekly payments.
  • Riedel Sommeliers Champagne Flute
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    Riedel's premier collection, the Sommeliers line, includes an impressive assortment of crystal glasses, each developed by expert tasters to flatter a specific type of fine wine or liquor. This glass is designed to showcase fine Champagne, including Cuvée Prestige, Vintage Champagne, Vintage Sparkling Wine and Rosé Champagne. This sparkling crystal glass is individually crafted by master artisans who perform every step of the glassmaking process by hand. Large fluted bowl provides ample breathing space, which concentrates the yeasty bouquet and brings out the full range of aromas. Narrow mouth directs the flow of liquid to areas of the palate that best recognize the creamy texture. To preserve the Champagne's effervescence, each flute has a tiny dot etched into the base of its bowl, generating a continuous stream of bubbles. Hand made at the Riedel family's own glassworks in Austria, where artisans have been crafting exquisite glassware since 1756.
  • Kinto CAST Beer Glass
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    This simple kinto cast beer glass is perfect for sipping on a long cold beer. Designed with a wide grip to fit your hand easily, the angle of the cup lip is calculated to fit your lips perfectly. Its simple style means it looks great on any table scene and the clear glass means you can savour the rich amber colour of the lager or ale of your choice. Combine with other glassware from the kinto cast range. Kinto is a progressive company of housewares based on japanese unique ideas and designs. They value product longevity and strive to create designs that will last for products that are frequently used in everyday life, with ideas which reflect the constant changing times we live in.
  • Rosendahl - Grand Cru Water Glasses
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    The Grand Cru water glasses were designed by Erik Bagger for Rosendahl. They possess an elegant shape with characteristic grooves at the laterals. With this appearance they join the Grand Cru collection from Rosendahl seamlessly. The glasses form a practical and elegant team for water or juices together with the Grand cru water carafe, for the served table or a relaxing evening on the balcony. Rosendahl manufactures the Grand Cru water glasses out of metal-free glass. Each glass has a capacity of 0.2 litres. The glasses are dishwasher-safe.
  • Menu Design Menu - New Norm Water Bottle
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    It also takes water to enjoy wine – preferably served in a carafe that does not drip, is easy to pour and looks good on the dining table. The New Norm water carafe is pleasant to be touched and doesn't drip with its minimlist design starting as a bottle with a classic form. The designer duo Norm - Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen - has designed a simple, practical water carafe for Menu with the same stylish look as their New Norm Wine Breather, which aerates and makes wine ready to drink in less than five minutes. The clear, bottle-shaped New Norm Glass Carafe fits perfectly in the refrigerator door, providing chilled water at all times, and it comes with a lid to prevent the water from absorbing odours from the refrigerator. The carafe has a completely drip-free silicone neck that prevents spots on your table. The removable silicone neck should be hand washed. The carafe itself is dishwasher safe.
  • Coffee Zone
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    coffee and chic
  • Evian Still Mineral Water
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    Evian Natural Mineral Water is characterised by its lightness and balanced composition. You are what you drink: You're probably aware that your body is mostly water, but you may not know that this water completely renews every 6 weeks. So it makes sense to choose the water that you drink carefully. 15 years of filtration through the pristine heights of the French Alps makes Evian a water of Utmost purity & unique mineral balance. Feel as good as the water you drink.
  • A glass of water cocktail recipe
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    A glass of water - Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. Add water. Stir. Ingredients: 1 Part Water
  • Look What Kathy Griffin is Eating
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    TV's uncensorable funny girl Kathy Griffin shares her daily food journal and the healthy-eating tips that give her that rockin' bod.
  • Filthy Food Filthy Olive, Onion & Cherry
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    Weight: 8 oz/142 g each jar.
  • Strawberry-Mint Sparkling Limeade
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    From strawberry salsa to strawberry shortcake, find 20 ways to enjoy this irresistible springtime fruit.
  • Happy Holiday and Christmas Cocktails and Mixed Drinks
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    The holiday season is filled with parties and these drinks are wonderful ways to share the spirit of the season with guests, families and friends.
  • Eva Solo Martini Glass
    A distinctive, elegant glass for Martinis.. The glass is mouth-blown, thin and delicate, designed to enhance the experience of cocktail hour.. 18cl capacity
  • Classic vanilla milkshake Milkshakes Milkshake recipes
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    Classic vanilla milkshake - Milkshakes | Milkshake recipes - Classic vanilla milkshake Makes 2 Ingredients 4 medium scoops quality vanilla ice cream 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 7 tablespoons sugar 500 ml organic milk Squirty cream...
  • What Are the Best Tips for Making a Healthy Breakfast Smoothie?
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    The best tips for making a healthy breakfast smoothie are to use soy milk or reduced fat milk instead of whole milk, include...
  • Flat Belly Recipes
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    A 1,500-calorie nutrition plan designed to help you trim down and stay satisfied
  • Recipes For Blue Cocktail Drinks
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    Blue cocktails are probably one of the most graceful and refreshing cocktails. The bright blue color of the blue cocktails instantly revitalizes the mind and
  • Refresh Zing
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    These skinny cocktails will keep you satisfied until spring. Try a refresh zing.
  • Net-a-porter fashiondowntherabbithole
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    Posts about Net-a-porter written by jessicarabs

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