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  • Threshold Flute Champagne Glasses Set of 4
    Designed to enhance the Champagne experience by it’s shape and height. Wider in the bowl and slightly tapered at the opening, this glass helps concentrate the aroma and flavors of champagne of any age. Elegance & Romance in one! Made in France by a world leading glassmaker established in 1825, and endorsed by Chefs and Wine Sommeliers across Europe. These are designed to heighten the wine experience by their shapes, capacities, and openings to focus the attention on the aromatic bouquet, the color and the taste of the wine. Glasses are made of a specially developed glass material called Kwarx™. Kwarx™ Glass has no lead or metal content, keeps its clarity dishwasher after dishwasher cycle, is highly break resistant and durable, and has colorless clarity for elegance and wine presentation. Number of Pieces: 4. Capacity (volume): 8.0 Oz. Material: Glass. Care and Cleaning: Dishwasher-safe. Drink Type Held: Champagne.
  • Wholesale CAPRISUN VARIETY PK 40pk 675 - Dollaritem.com
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  • berry propel
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  • Minute Maid 100% Apple Juice Box Sonic Drive-In
    Get the best of both worlds with MINUTE MAID® 100% Apple Juice. It's good and good for you.
  • Jamba Juice Apple N Greens Smoothie Healthy Fast Food Drinks
    Liquid calories can add up quickly. Keep yours under control with our top picks at fast food restaurants or local coffee shops in your neighborhood. By Karen Ansel, MS, RD