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drive all night/needtobreathe
I've been listening to this song on repeat for the past few hours, I just think everything about it is so perfect

Today was a pretty exciting day because I finally got a haircut! And not just any haircut, I completely re-styled my hair for the first time since fourth grade, I didn't plan to, its one of those things that just happens. It started when I got a different stylist because the one I usually had wasn't there, and we totally hit it off! when she asked how I wanted my hair styled, I said I wanted it cut a little more than shoulder length, and then asked for her suggestion, which is every hair stylists wish, to do what they want to their customers hair. when I talked to my mom later about it, she said that probably wasn't the best move, but I didn't care, I wanted something different. my stylist said she thought bangs and angled hair would look great on me because she could tell my style was artsy/eccentric, which I was really surprised about! yes, my style is totally artsy/eccentric, but since I got ready 10 minutes before I had to leave I just wore a boring stripe top I got from forever 21, my old jeans that somehow still fit me, my mom's ugly white snow boots because it snowed that morning, and my favorite navy blue toggle coat which had a food stain on the side. so yeah, not my most stylish outfit. After my hair was cut I ended up looking like the blogger of Stylish Wanderer and Natalie Off Duty combined, so basically I look mature and kind of artsy! None of my friends have seen me yet, but hopefully the like my new 'do! Then my mom and I went to whole foods and ordered my birthday cake (vanilla raspberry) and I got my favorite gluten free pretzel. then we went to the shoe store because they were haing a 50% and got the steve madden troopas for only $50! they're the dark brown color and have a rustic finish to them, I'm obsessed! when I got home I read the new seventeen magazine and had a new girl&carrie diaries marathon with myself. so overall, it was a pretty good day:)
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