1 | Driving

"Ken.. Ken.." Brenna wakes me up as Senna drives in the car we live in. I sit up & look at Brenna. "What," I mumble, laying back down in the very back (we have a car with a wide, long back so Brenna & I share it while Senna reclines her seat). "You hungry?" Senna asks me, passing back a bag of beef jerky. ''Sure.." I mumble and Brenna passes it to me. I gratefully eat a few sticks and pass it back, sitting up and getting out of my sleeping bag. Brenna is in her Minnie Mouse T-shirt and some leggings, her inhaler in the side pocket of the backpack sitting beside her. She is sliding some faded socks decorated with the High School Musical characters on, humming a song from the movie. She watched it for all eternity, as many times as she could, before the apocalypse that no one knew was going to start, started. I yawn, scratching my head and looking at Senna, sitting up front. I can only see the back of her shirt, which is a gray tank top. I take off my pajama shirt and Brenna acts like it was no big deal, and I put on a navy green tank top, my shorts, and some combat boots. "Ken? Can you help me tie my shoes?" Brenna asks me. She has on her Converse, the laces untied, the white tips with some bloodstains here and there. I smile at her and tie her shoes, then taking some time to show her how to tie, I can't tie them when we're being chased by a horde so she needs to learn. It only took about 20 minutes to teach her, she's a fast learner. Stuffing my pajamas in the backpack, I put Brenna's in her backpack. "I think we're here.." Senna mumbles to no one in particular. I roll up the sleeping bags and put them in the duffle bags. " Where are we supposed to be?" I asked. "A group of survivors - there's a lot of people here." she replies. We stop infront of a building labeled 'Westchester Orphanage'. "UGH, it's overrun!" sighs Senna as she turns to see a horde of zombies going in no particular directions, most being kids. Brenna goes into 'tornado mode', hiding by scrunching herself to look as small as possible to not get noticed by the ones by the windows. I do the same, kissing Brenna on the top of her head. Senna curses and groans, "I CANT TURN AROUND!" "Just do it! All you'll do is run them over!" I groan back at her, and she turns around, running some over. She drives away as fast as she can, some of the infected running towards the car at full speed. Brenna and I sit back up once we know we're safe. Brenna doesn't look scared, but her long blonde hair is in her face. I get out a hair tie from my bag and put her hair in a bun, doing the same with my hair. We ran into no problems.. until...
Senna turned down a road to see it completely filled with walkers of all kind. Brenna gasps and goes into tornado mode as she sees a walker right out her window. I do the same. We eventually get out, but it was hard. Senna has to stop at a gas station once, and she gets 5 extra cans of gas while she was there. It took long, but was worth it. I rolled out my sleeping bag at 8:47 PM as we were driving around, looking for survivor camps, and helped Brenna roll hers out. We didn't get into pajamas just incase we had to get out of the car in the middle of the night. Pajamas = not skin-tight = easy to grab = you're easier to bite/scratch. I laid out my sleeping bag right beside Brenna's to make her feel safe ; I could tell she was scared and nervous. Kenna wakes us up infront of a large orphanage, this one marked, ' OAKLAND ORPHANAGE ' in huge, white letters. It was a survivor camp, not overrun, with 6 cars, 2 of them being vans, parked in the driveway. We park ours and Kenna gets out first, just incase, and knocks on the door as Brenna and I get out of our sleeping bags. A young man answers, talking to Kenna and then she comes back, saying to get our stuff and c'mon. We get out, and the man says, "You guys sure look like you were prepared. I'm Eli. We have many sick, injured, and hungry. Do you mind if we use your first-aid kits and food?" he asks me and Kenna, obviously not Brenna. "Of course." we both answer. ( I have to make another half)
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