this week has been terrible. Okay, maybe not the whole week but still.

I feel like such an ass right now. My friend made plans with me for yesterday, in which she bailed on. As i was leaving, she was on her way in and apologized to me. I was pissed at her because she always does this. Then she sent me a text around 11 saying she was sorry. Then again at 6 on the morning, saying she feels really bad and that something came up. But she always had an excuse so i didn't know how to reply to that text. Then she saw me in school and apologized to me as i passed by her while walking my friend to class. Finally when we had class together she said she got a call saying her grandfather was on life support. I felt really bad for dubbing her and asked of she needed a hug. But the bell rang and she had to go to her next class. I never got to see her after wards because she went to visit her grandpa in philadelphia. She told me she will make it up for me next week but i feel like im the one who should be making it up. 

hows your weekend so far?

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