• Droog Hare Mat by Ed Annink for Droog
    Droog Hare Mat by Ed Annink for Droog
    Material: Coir and PVC. Hare shape. Dimensions: Overall Length: 76 Inches. Overall Product Weight: 11.1 Pounds.
  • Droog Tableau Tablecloth by Maurice Scheltens for Droog
    Droog Tableau Tablecloth by Maurice Scheltens for Droog
    Material: Cotton blend. Using photogram technique. Decorated with the silhouettes of the aftermath of a dinner party. Dimensions: 54.33" W x 85.83" D Overall Width - Side to Side: 54.33 Inches. Overall Depth - Front to Back: 85.83 Inches. Overall Product Weight: 1.5 Pounds.
  • Droog Hippo Mat by Ed Annink for Droog
    Droog Hippo Mat by Ed Annink for Droog
    Material: Coir and PVC. Hippo shape. Dimensions: Overall Length: 57.1 Inches. Overall Product Weight: 10 Pounds.
  • Droog Design - Inside out Bedside Table
    Droog Design - Inside out Bedside Table
    A wardrobe with the special turn: The Inside Out bedside table from Droog Design turns its inside to the outside. And the superficialities are charmingly hidden this way. Droog took the big Gerrit Rietveld as model for the Inside Out bedside table: The openly viewed construction of the abstract table will delight. And the outside, turned to the inside, will store all kinds of utensils. Droog Design produces the Kuniko Maeda made Inside Out bedside table out of beech wood and steel. The consequent turn naturally shows all the screws and plastic joints.
  • 85 Lamps Chandelier
    85 Lamps Chandelier
    Made in the Netherlends. Comes with LED-bulbs and 5 spare bulbs included in box. The lights can dim with a normal incandescent light bulb dimmer, called Leading edge TRIAC dimming. The 85 Chandelier is an Art Piece and as such is not UL Listed. The Chandelier comes with a ring on the top from where a chain, rope or cable can hooked for attachment to the ceiling. We advise this chandelier to be installed by an electrician. Please read installation instructions included with the chandelier. by Rodi Graumans. Dimensions: H 43.3 Inches x W 27.6 Inches x L 27.6 Inches. Return Policy: Please note that this item is not eligible for return. Product Code: V1188547.
  • Droog Design Droog - Shadylace Parasol - Sunshade
    Droog Design Droog - Shadylace Parasol - Sunshade
    The parasol Shadylace contributes floral shadow on hot days. The translucent umbrella offers an extraordinary alternative to the daily parasol. The flowery pattern does not defend the lovely sun completely, but plays with the change between light and shadow. As one would sit on a lovely summer day under a tree the shadow falls in single spots on the ground and brings the freshness of the forest into the domestic garden. The shadow is not the only thing, what lets the Shadylace parasol remind someone of the nature: On its highest point, practically on the tree top, a bird established itself. The bird is held in the green umbrella in soft gold and in the white umbrella in discreet silver consequently. In order to not destroy the natural appearance of the Shadylace, the bird consists of Resin, an extract material of dehydrated nature resins. The Shadylace offers with its small details and the spectacular and simultaneously relaxing shadow a comfortable alternative for everyone, who do not want to decide between the one or the other: Sun or shadow, forest or meadow, wilderness or garden. Designer Chris Kabel proves again with the Shadylace parasol for Droog Design his feeling for new. His designs are already found today (Kabel is age group 1975) in the Stedelijk museum Amsterdam.
  • Droog Design Droog Do Frame Tape
    Droog Design Droog Do Frame Tape
    The Do Frame tape in a golden baroque frame look turns every poster, picture and postcard collection into a museum-like exhibition. With the Do Frame every picture will be humorous ennobled receives its own design character. It is as easy to handle as the normal tape - but more decorative! The Catalan designer Marti Guixé lives up his name as a design queer fellow with this design.
  • Droog Design - Birdhouse
    Droog Design - Birdhouse
    A five-star-restaurant for our feathered friends: Birds feel comfortable in the Birdhouse by Droog Design. Thereby they will even eat from a plate and have a roof to protect them. The designs by Marcel Wanders are often inspired by nature. The birdhouse, which has been designed by him for Droog Design was built with human characteristics for nature: Hungry birds are lucky to have a roof to protect them from stormy weather as well as to have a plate which presents seeds and grains. The birdhouse by Droog Design is made out of porcelain and polypropylene. The conception and size of the feeder offer a bird-adapted surrounding for an undisturbed pick-party.
  • Droog Design Droog - Flames
    Droog Design Droog - Flames
    „Droog Flames" connects opposites. It is a symbol for aesthetics in times of deprivation, for both luxury and pragmatism equally. The characteristic shape of a candleholder is combined with the appropriate resistance of a gas stove: Flame thereby always spreads an unexpected feeling of luxury as reliable, practical and perfectly formed light object. The designer Chris Kabel says: ”I watch objects as no one looked at them before. Then I part them and put them back together according to my own rules. "Flames” istn’t an exception of the process. The lamp by Droog Design is the perfect connection of innovative, functional quality with an aesthetic coating. The rough, industrial pipes and the cover are painted in white. The slim shape makes up a romantically flickering light. We suggest a Coleman 250 screw-valve cartridge (not included in delivery package) to refill it.
  • Droog Design Droog Window Drops
    Droog Design Droog Window Drops
    "When rain drops knock on your window..." The Window Drops were designed by Arnout Visser and Bas van Tol for the label Droog. The made of PVC, self-glueing and transparent drops can be placed on windows and mirrors. They distort and alienate the view of the viewer and cater for interesting reflections and effects. The Window Drops are delivered in a package with eight different sizes and shapes. Let it rain!
  • Droog Design - Sticky Lamp
    Droog Design - Sticky Lamp
    Sticky Lamp works like a sticker. Remove the protecting foil on the back and stick it wherever you need it. On the ceiling, wall, door, on the floor, in the closet, or on the window - There are no borders for imagination with this original illuminant by Droog Design. Chris Kabel designed the sticking lamp for Droog, the Dutch design agency, which discovers new talents since the beginning of the 1990ies, encourages them and takes care about the distribution of the products. Kabel, who comes from Haarlem, managed the breakthrough as designer, due to his big creativity, which is shown in designs such as the Sticky Lamp. Sticky Lamp has been designed to be stuck where the sun doesn't shine.
  • Droog Design Droog - Hippo Doormat
    Droog Design Droog - Hippo Doormat
    Hippo Mat from Droog Design is an unusually large doormat with high recognition value. The unmistakeable animal-form of the doormat is a tribute to the pictograms that the artist and graphic-designer Gerd Arntz has created in the 1920s. Pictograms are picture-symbols that are perfectly understandable because of their most easy graphical presentation. The designer Ed Annink from the design office Ontwerpwerk follows this demand with his design of the Hippo Mat: Consequently easy and reduced to essential outlines, the doormat is recognized as hippo on the first sight. The easy understanding of the mat is also guaranteed by its huge size of more than one meter. Moreover it offers enough space to clean and park shoes. The Netherlands company Droog offers its animal-like doormat also with the form of a rabbit. The Hare Mat is also transparent in its design and as large as the Hippo Mat. Both designs were coined by Ed Annink and his design office Ontwerpwerk.
  • Droog Design - Too beautiful to hide hot water bottle
    Droog Design - Too beautiful to hide hot water bottle
    The Too beautiful to hide hot water bottle by Droog Design is, according to its name, to beautiful to hide under the bed covers. Its soft, organic forms and the fine wave pattern as well as the soft material of the hot water bottle ensure its name. Since the Netherlands designer Wendy Legro used soft felt material as cozy alternative to the otherwise common sticky rubber – coating with it the exterior of its design piece. The internationally already very recognized Too beautiful to hide hot water bottles by Droog Design already gained many friends on the Sotheby’s in London, on the Salon del Mobile in Milan and on the IMM Cologne and it convinced design enthusiasts as well as enjoyers both equally.
  • Droog Design Droog - Hare Mat
    Droog Design Droog - Hare Mat
    Hare Mat from Droog Design is an exceptional large doormat with a high recognition value. The unmistakable animal form of the mat is a tribute to pictogram that the artist and graph designer Gerd Arntz shaped in the 1920s. Pictograms are image symbols that are optimal understandable because of a most easy graphical presentation. The designer Ed Annink from the design office Ontwerpwerk follows this demand with its Hare Mat shape: Consequently easy and reduced to the essence, the doormat is recognized as just a rabbit on the first sight. A contribution to the easy understanding of the design is also given by the great doormat that is an extreme eye-catcher with its almost two meters of length. Furthermore it offers enough space to clean and deposit shoes. The Netherlands Company Droof provides its animal-like doormats also in the form or a rhino. The Hippo Mat is as bright in its design and large in its size as the Hare Mat. Both designs were coined by Ed Annink and his design office Ontwerpwerk. Please take note of the dimensions of the foot mat!
  • Droog Design Droog Suckers
    Droog Design Droog Suckers
    Boring, doweling, twiddling, and screwing holes only to hang bathrobes or towels on the bathroom wall?- This is to a great extend easier and faster with the Droog Suckers! The created vacuum lets the sucker hold very strong on every even surface, and wherever you want... So in only a blink of an eye, a very easy possibility of hanging things up which used to lie around in the room emerges.
  • Droog Design - Optic Glasses
    Droog Design - Optic Glasses
    The Optic Glasses by Droog Design awake to life, as soon as they are filled with water. For a special effect cater different bulges and erosions of the glass wall into the inside and outside. When you fill water into the glass, bulges cater for spectacular and fascinating shapes and light plays in the glass - a new world is bared. Besides this optical highlight the shape caters of Optic Glasses caters for a nice feeling while holding the glasses. For this spectacular design the Optic Glasses by Arnout Visser were awarded with the Red Dot Design Price in 2007.
  • Droog Design Droog - Milkbottle Lamp
    Droog Design Droog - Milkbottle Lamp
    A sentimental memory to the milk delivery to the house door. The milk-bottle lamp is made of satined milk-bottle with a stainless steel seal and light bulb. There is also a 12 piece version of the milk-bottle lamp available: 3 X 4 milk-bottles hang right over the floor and form the large milk-bottle lamp by Droog. The lamp should swing right over the floor, but it doesn't have to be. More details: Material: Milkbottle made of frosted glass, top made of stailess steel. Measurements: H 28, ø 8,5cm (Single); 26 x 27 x 310 cm (12 piece set) Colour: Transparent, satined. Illuminant 1x alternatively 12x 15 Watt - E14 light bulbs. Designer: Tejo Remy.
  • Droog Design Droog - Hang on easy
    Droog Design Droog - Hang on easy
    Who doesn't know the problem? While moving from one home to another, as a temporary solution we use provisional lamps placed on wardrobes. Sometimes there only are simple light bulbs and their cover hanging on a naked cable, serving as ceiling lamp. And if there actually hang lamps then you will find the light bulbs in garages or lumber-rooms. Droog Design offers a fast and easy solution for the problem with "Hang on easy”. Hang on easy, designed by Ransmeier & Floyd, is just a simple lamp shade. It is easy to put on a light bulb cover and it turns this one into a stylish designer lamp. Hang on easy turns the bright light of the simple light bulb into a warm, cosy light which makes every room more comfortable - without any problems or high charges.
  • Droog Design - Soft Lamp
    Droog Design - Soft Lamp
    Beauty and simplicity is the slogan of the Soft Lamp, which the Dutch designer Arian Brekveld designed for Droog in 1995. The plain diffusor is made of soft PVC, which is made of a traditional dive technique method. Because the light shade is made of the same material as the electric cable, it appears as fusion of the lamp shade and cable. By now there is an innovation of the Soft Lamp with some corrections. Besides the use of a new kind of glue for the submerge technique, the whole surface of the lamp was reworked. Especially the Soft Lamp was endowed with new economical and energy saving 7 Watt light bulbs. The durability of the light bulb is of approximately 8000 hours, that's eight times longer than a conventional light bulb lives. The illuminant moreover hardly develops almost any warmth; avoiding staining of the synthetic material.
  • Droog Design - Salad Sunrise
    Droog Design - Salad Sunrise
    The Salad Sunrise vinegar and oil menage by Droog Design is based on the natural characteristics of vinegar and oil. The physicalic specialties of the oil caters for the constant swimming of vinegar. That's why vinegar and oil can be stored in the same pot without mixing themself. Salad Sunrise has two different openings, to pour out the fluidity apart from each other. First fill in the vinegar , then the oil - you can trace how the oil wll depose from the vinegar with your own eyes. A simple principle, which is based on the natural characteristics of the fluidity but is spectacular and unusual in its shape. The Salad Sunrise vinegar and oil menage is a highlight on every table and caters for a lot of topics of conversations. More details: Design: Arnout Visser. Measurements: Height 24 cm , Width 11 cm , Diameter 7.7 cm.
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