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Auriel Juliette Giordano, née Giorgi
Occupation: Full-time Mafia Wife
Family: Giordano
Position: Wife of the Underboss Frankie. Although she has no true role in the internal workings of the Mafia, she is an unofficial bedroom adviser of her husband and somehow always seems to get exactly what she wants.
Personality: Auriel is described by all of her acquaintances as a true lady. Proper and elegant would be the two best word. Small chat is her specialty and somehow, her little smile can warm the coldest hearts. The most important thing about her, however, is that Auriel is a very good liar. Her best trait is her manipulation skills that she simply uses on a whim. She would never do any dirty work, of course, she just enjoys watching while others do it for her, no matter how much she dreams of pulling that trigger, Auriel knows that it would spoil her image, and fear is not something that her 'family' is lacking towards her. It's not that she is inherently bad, she is very loving, most of the time, as well as fiercely protective of those close to her and holds nothing but respect for her superiors, no matter how often she dreams of tearing them down. Very few cross her as her sharp tongue is accompanied by her sharp mind.
Likes: Expensive Jewelry, designer dresses, Louboutins, her husband, books, power, manipulation, red lipstick, the mafia, being young, success, children, academia, her sex appeal, working for the good of her family, progression, Intelligence, Lou, celebrity, close bonds.
Dislikes: being told no, those who stand in her way, alcohol, dull company, slacks, old age, those who oppose her, the reckless, the stupid, the weak, those who threaten her family, her now deceased mother. 
Bio: Auriel had always been blessed. Born into a well established Italian-American family, she truly wanted for nothing. Her father, a business owner in Nevada was often away on 'business' while she would stay in the Las Vegas suburbs in a charming large white house with her traditional Texan mother and older sister where her mother would teach the two social etiquette, of a rather unusual kind. She would teach a young Auriel how to lie her way into the elite circles, how to use her femininity and charm, and most importantly, the old art of manipulation.
Auriel's mother raised her to be a mafia wife, training her on how to cope with the cold realities, how to numb her emotions, and how to give her husband exactly what he wanted. However, she also took it one step further, teaching her how to get what she wanted through her husband and how to progress herself in the family business.
Auriel was 16 when she was finally told the truth about her father's 'business trips'. Her family had established strong ties with the Giordano family many generations ago, and her family had always remained faithful to them. In her 17th year, Auriel's mother had fallen sick and had decided that she was ready to take her place in the mafia shadows. She accompanied her father to a Giordano dinner, where she met Frankie, the son and Underboss of the great Lou Giordano. They grew a great friendship and despite there being more than a 10 year age gap, they eventually fell in love. Never once had Auriel ever thought of using the skills that her mother had taught until there was someone she needed to get rid of. Her Mother lost her life in a Corelli raid, and although Auriel was relieved more than anything else, her beloved father spiraled into a deep depression, eventually causing him to end his life. She had the Corelli member slaughtered before her as she ignored his pleas, The surge of adrenaline she received from the power that she had over that person’s life was addicting, and she knew what she had to do to get where she needed to go, the top, because that was the only was the only way she could truly avenge her father's death. Obliterating the Corellis. 
Model: Mary-Kate Olsen


The satisfying sound of the zip on my dress filled my ears, and the equally fulfilling feeling of my husband's hand on my neck. I leaned into his hand until my cheek was resting on his arm. Frankie began caressing my cheek with his thumb, never taking his eyes away from mine. 'What is it sweetie?' I asked dreamily, a lethargic smile creeping onto my red lips. He returned my smile brightly, clasping my face in both of his big, soft hands.
'It's just your face.' I laughed gently.
'Oh, I didn't realize that my visage was something that amused you so much.'
Frankie dropped his hands to my waist and pulled me closer to him and I draped my arms around his neck as if we were about to dance. He was the perfect height for me, a few inches taller than I so my arms rested comfortably in the crevice of his broad shoulders.
'Well, I have to say it has been a great source of entertainment for me.'
'So is that why you married me, my sweet?' I mocked playfully, 'For my wonderfully 'entertaining' face? If you had really wanted something to laugh at then you should have married a clown.'
Frankie laughed heartily at this. 'What I meant was, It is beautiful. I have known you for five years now and you have been my wife for a year come September, yet I still don't know how such a perfect creature could exist.'
I hated when he did that. Making me feel weak at his feet as my knees buckled beneath me. I stared at him, feeling the pink rush into my cheeks. Feeling uncomfortable that I had lost control of the situation, I quickly changed the mood.
'You should have told my mother that.'
His expression changed and he awkardly chuckled through his words, 'Yes...I guess I should've.' I could see the disappointment behind his eyes. A twinge of guilt struck me but I quickly brushed it off. I did love Frankie, more than I had loved anyone in my lifetime. He was the only person that had ever managed to make me talk to him as me, not the 'Lady', not the 'Saboteur' but as Auriel, and it terrified me. 
My (thankfully) deceased Mother's life lessons were all I really had as a lanky, geeky prepubescent girl with a flair for academia. She taught my what it means to be weak, as well as what it means to be desired. I always remember the day she 'straightened me out', throwing away my textbooks, my dolls and my childhood. I couldn't really say that my mother was a particularly good one. She was a shallow woman who's wasted life made her bitter. She always preferred my sister's aesthetics, her posture and her desirability. She was never gawky or awkward, she could command a room with simply her presence. Mother, see how the tide has turned.
My Mother taught me so many /wonderful/ things in my adolescence, but I would say that bay far the best was how to play the game. The game of everything. How to be the puppet master holding the strings without the wooden oafs below being any the wiser. Of course at the time I had no idea that I was being groomed in the hope of becoming a powerful mafia wife, just not quite powerful enough.
I pulled myself up on my tiptoes, holding onto Frankie's shoulders until my mouth met his soft pink lips. I walked slowly around to my side of the bed so that when i reached it, he would already be laying in bed looking at the white of our ceiling, watching the long shadows dancing in the light of the passing cars below our window. I curled up to him, laying my head softly on his bare chest, his arm enveloping my small frame. As he played softly with my blonde hair, I stared intently at his tattoos and scars, forcing me to begin thinking my next move. I had already orchestrated three successful attacks through my husband, but I knew it was time to up my game. The 'family' had gained confidence and trust in him, all of the pieces were falling together. As I felt Frankie's breathing slow as he fell asleep I thought of what I had to do next. As long as his father was head of the family, Frankie couldn't be. I fought back tears as i looked up at his peaceful face. How could I take away his father as mine was snatched from me? I propped myself up on my elbows and stared at his sleeping face, gently brushing his cheek with my hand. Lou was old, his time would surely come up soon, but I wasn't sure I had the time to spare. I held my breath and counted to 10, trying to calm myself. I knew I couldn't do that to the man I loved, but I also knew that I had no choice. It had to be done.
Looks like I'll be seeing you in hell Mama.

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